What is Resorce Planning? How to do it right?

Resource planning

What is Enterprise Resource Planning?

Before we take a look at the best ways to optimize resource planning and resource allocation in your organization, let’s understand what it is and why it is needed.

Resource Planning: Definition

It is a process by which tasks are allocated to human and non-human resources in a way that maximizes the efficiency of the resources in hand to improve outputs.

Simply put, in a team, resource planning involves assigning the right tasks to the right team members at the right time. It ensures your project delivers the required outputs, without any delays and conflicts. When it comes to resource planning, there is no right or wrong. It all depends on what works for your team.

While it may appear simple at first, resource planning is one of the most challenging tasks in an organization. Assigning the right job to the right person, without affecting the flow of the project requires diligent planning. This is where – the role of resource planning tools like the eResource Scheduler becomes crucial.

Resource planning tools help you take the guesswork out of resource allocation, optimizing the process, thereby helping you enjoy increased team efficiency.

Resource Plan – Your Key to Efficient Resource Allocation

Just like you wouldn't go on a road trip without a map, you cannot expect the success of your project without having the right resource plan.

What is it? A resource plan identifies all the resources – both human and non-human resources required for a project. It lists out the different types of resource requirements and their quantity for completing the tasks.

The resource plan has three steps:

  1. List the Resources Required for the Project

    Start by listing all the resources needed for the completion of the project. This includes human resources like coders, testers, front-end developers, back-end developers, designers, etc. Also, it includes non-human resources like equipment – PCs, printers, and other machinery needed.

    You have to make a comprehensive list of all the resources needed for the project from start to finish.

  2. Estimate the Number of Resources Required

    The next step for the right resource planning is to estimate the hours for each resource. For example, if it’s a coding project, then you have to mention the number of developers you need along with the estimated hours for the project.

  3. Drafting a Resource Schedule

    Now, that you've compiled all the information, the next step is to build a detailed resource scheduling plan. The resource scheduling contains all the following info:

    • Resources needed for the project
    • Timeframe for each resource
    • Quantity of resources per week/month
    • Identifying resource constraints and conflicts and making necessary arrangements
Resource planning

Human Resources Planning Process

We would like you to answer this question – what is the most valuable asset of your organization? Yes, it’s your employees. It’s the skill and knowledge of your employees and their relationship with customers that determine your business' success.

This is why planning your human resources play a crucial role in determining the success of your projects and winning the trust and loyalty of clients.

Human resource planning includes six key steps:

  • Identifying the organizational objectives
  • Analyzing current resources
  • Forecasting future requirements
  • Identifying gaps in resources
  • Implementing a resource plan to tighten any gap
  • Monitoring and feedback

Simply put, human resource planning ensures that you have the right people in the right jobs, at the right time.

Why is Resource Planning Critical?

Resource management and planning is an essential part of all businesses – be it large enterprises or small startups. Whether your team is working on a piece of software or constructing a new building resource planning plays a crucial role in determining the success of the project.

When you over-allocate resources for a project, they are likely to waste time and drain your profits. On the other hand, under-allocation of resources for a project leads to missing critical milestones and a drop in the project output.

Apart from assigning jobs to every resource, the project manager has to ensure that he/she is allocating the right task to the right person. The project manager has to analyze the skills of each team member, and their previous experience, and assign them to the right task that matches their strengths. Additionally, the project manager has to avoid resource conflicts, and under or over-allocation of resources.

Resource management and allocation

Here are the Top 7 Benefits of Resource Planning

  1. Manage resources more efficiently – avoiding over or under-allocation of resources
  2. Helps businesses predict and plan future requirements
  3. You can boost project efficiency – as you allocate the right person to the right task
  4. Your business is prepared to tackle and avoid resource conflicts
  5. Adapt faster to the changes in the workforce and the industry
  6. Be proactive by honing the skills of your current workforce to meet emerging needs
  7. Helps you gain a competitive advantage by completing your projects on time, without any delays
Which Businesses Benefit the Most from Resource Planning Software?

The versatile nature of resource management software like the eResource Scheduler makes them suitable for businesses across verticals and niches. Some of the major industries that benefit the most from resource planning tools include:

  • Software development
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Construction
  • Industrial services
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Professional services
  • And, plenty more

Optimize Resource Planning with eResource Scheduler

eResource Scheduler is a project management solution that guides you every step of the resource planning process, providing stakeholders – team managers, project managers, team leaders and other members of the team – with all the visibility they need.

Several leading businesses and project managers rely on eResource Scheduler to assign the right people to the right tasks, manage schedules and to get work done efficiently, and on time.

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