resource scheduling software with gantt chart cloud Version

Gantt Chart View for Easy Resource Scheduling

eRS Cloud resource scheduling software, provides an easy to understand and convenient Gantt chart view that allows users to quickly get overview of existing resource schedules and their availability.

Gantt chart shows working and non working days for all resources. This information helps user to identify and compare availability of qualified resources on required dates and schedule them on projects accordingly.

Filters in enbraun resource scheduling tool cloud Version

Identify Qualified Resources for Your Projects

User defined fields and configurable forms allow capturing all possible information about resources (roles, skills, certificates, qualifications, preferences etc.).

Scheduling chart has powerful filters that help in quickly and easily identifying qualified resources using any captured resource information. Filters can be used one by one or in combination, thus ensuring that only resources that fulfil required criteria are identified.

This feature makes it a possible to implement the concept of ‘Right Resource for Right Job’ and ensures project success and resource satisfaction.

availability figures on scheduling chart cloud Version

View Real Time Resource Availability

It’s important to know accurate availability of resources to effectively schedule them on projects. Thus our scheduling chart shows real-time availability of every resource on a day to day basis in hourly format.

Availability gets updated every time a new booking is created, or an existing booking is updated or deleted. User can view availability of qualified resources and schedule them if it matches effort requirement of the project.

resource scheduling software with drag n drop Cloud-Version

Easily Scheduling using Drag n Drop

Once a qualified resource is identified and its availability matches the effort requirement of the project, user can simply select booking dates on scheduling chart with a stroke of mouse and schedule resource on project.

Drag n drop feature of our resource scheduling software makes it extremely easy to extend, shorten bookings or transfer them on other resources. This feature enhances ease and efficiency of scheduling resource.

scheduling software with Instant overload Cloud-Version

Instant Resource Overload Indicator

In an organization with resources working on multiple projects simultaneously, it’s easy to lose track of every resource’s capacity and resources might get overbooked.

Thus, eRS Cloud resource scheduling tool, keeps a track of resource capacity and utilization on a day to day basis and as soon as any action of user overloads a resource (i.e. creating new booking, updating existing booking, transferring booking to other resources etc.), scheduling chart immediately shows an overload indicator and also shows overload in hours.

capture all scheduling infromation cloud Version

Capture Correct Information While Scheduling

Capturing necessary information correctly at the time of scheduling resources is crucial and this information can be different for each organization.

Apart from standard information like project name, task, effort, date & time etc. eRS Cloud also allows adding custom fields in scheduling window,thus, allowing organizations to capture accurate information.Captured information can also be used to easily and quickly filter bookings and reports when required.

split bookings on resource scheduling chart Cloud-Version

Split Bookings!!

Easy to use split feature allows users to split bookings from any date and move, transfer or edit as required.

Split booking is a convenient way to accommodate those last minute changes or unforeseen leaves that impact an existing booking.

cut and copy resource schedule Cloud version

Cut Copy and Paste Bookings!

eRS Cloud resource scheduling software, provides powerful yet easy option to Cut, Copy and Paste bookings as required.This allows quickly transferring or creating replicas of existing booking on same or new date.

This is especially useful when multiple resources need to be quickly scheduled on same project with same booking attributes.

Organize resource schedules Cloud-Version

Organize Scheduling Data as You Want

Viewing scheduling data by different options provide different perspectives. eRS Cloud has configurable options that organize schedule from resource’s perspective, project’s perspective and by any other logical possibility.

Administrator can configure and create scheduling views that are available to all users throughout the organization or users can create their own views as per their individual requirements.

Ability to configure new organizing options make scheduling chart extremely useful not only for resources, but also for project managers and other users.

View information on scheduling bar cloud Version

View Important Information on Scheduling Bar

Scheduling bar shows when and where resources are scheduled. They also provide a clear visual indication of resource’s commitment and availability.

Scheduling bar can also be easily configured to show important data such as Project Name, Effort, Role, Dates or any other information that has been captured while creating booking.

This allows quickly conveying important information without having to open the booking.

Personalize scheduling chart cloud Version

Personalize Your Scheduling Chart

eRS Cloud resource scheduling tool, provides loads of settings that allows users to personalize their scheduling chart and use it as per their individual preferences.

Users can turn ON / OFF resource images, adjust booking bar height, choose to view various metrics and much more. Users can even choose to adjust to zoom in / out on scheduling chart to view chart for a longer or shorter date range.

list view of resource schedule cloud Version

List View of Schedule with Complete Information

eRS Cloud provides list view of all bookings created on scheduling chart, this view allows users to view more information upfront for every booking. It also comes with sorting features.

Configurable screen settings allow users to pick and choose what information they want to view and in which order.This view is also great for exporting scheduling information that can be shared outside the system.

Q. Are on-premise version and cloud version part of same software?

No, on-premise version and cloud version are two separate software.

Cloud version is offered as Saas product and on-premise version is offered as licensed product.

Q. Different terminology is being used to describe software, why?

Our two software are ‘eResource Scheduler Cloud’ and ‘eResource Scheduler On-Premise’.

These are both resource scheduling software but are also referred as resource management software, resource planning software and resource allocation software.

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