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Per Resource / Month
Annual Billing
Monthly Billing
  • Scheduling Module



    • Drag-and-drop scheduling
    • Custom fields and forms
    • Powerful resource filters
    • Configurable scheduling form
    • Roles (Primary, Performing etc.)
    • Custom resource types
    • Custom project types
    • Flexible User access rights
    • Permission sets (role based)
    • Color-coded heat map
    • Tags
    • Multiple working calendars
    • Public holidays and exceptions
    • Multiple scheduling views
    • Utilization reports
    • Availability reports
    • Project progress report
    • Import and export using CSV
    • Open REST API for integration
    • Email notification
  • Scheduling Plus



    • Resources Request
    • Resource Suggestions & Match Score
    • Multi time-zone support
    • Gap Reporting (Request vs Assignments)
    • Capacity Forecasting Reporting
    • Third party calendar integration
  • Timesheets Module



    • Capture actual effort / time
    • Timecard to submit actuals
    • Manual / automatic approvals
    • Approval from resource perspective
    • Approval form project perspective
    • Timesheets reports
    • Planned vs actual utilization report
    • Planned vs actual availability reports
    • Capture actual time spent on projects
    • Resource level timesheets settings
    • Project level timesheets settings
  • Financial Module



    • Resource financials
    • Project financials
    • Role level rates
    • Resource level rates
    • Project level rates
    • Booking level financial settings
    • Financial report
  • Authentication Plus



    • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a credit card to start trial?

    No, credit card is not required for trial.

  • Are there any feature restrictions during trial period?

    We offer fully functional and supported free trial. There are no feature restrictions during trial. Trial is only restricted by duration.

  • How long is the trial period?

    Free trial period is for 14 days.

  • Can I invite my colleagues to participate in trial?

    Yes, absolutely. eResource Scheduler is an enterprise application and you can surely invite your colleagues to participate in trial as users. Actually we highly recommend multiuser trials, as they are true reflection of production environment.

  • Can trial be extended?

    Trial can be extended for additional 7 - 14 days under certain circumstances. If you want to get your trial extended, kindly contact your account manager or email us on

  • What happens after the trial period ends?

    Once the trial period is over, you can choose to subscribe to our application from the Billing section within the application. If you choose not to subscribe, then no action is required from your side.

  • What all support options are available?

    Account managers provide personalized assistance during trial, during procurement process and during subscription period. Apart from account manager support, you will also have access to our online knowledge base that has training videos and articles on all major features. Users can also raise a support ticket by emailing on

  • What is the difference between resource and user?

    Resources are people and / or equipment that are scheduled in our resource management software, whereas users are people who have login id and password to use the application and can view and schedule resources. Users can also be resources and vice versa, but not necessarily.

    Example: John is a user who has access to eResource Scheduler to schedule his team members Adam, Nick, Sandra and some IT equipment. If required, he can also add himself as a resource in eResource Scheduler and start managing his schedule. Similarly, Adam, Nick and Sandra can also have their individual login ids to access eResource Scheduler to view and / or manage their individual schedules.

  • Is license fee based on resources or user?

    eResource Scheduler is a resource management & scheduling software and therefore licensing is tied to number of resources being managed / scheduled and modules you opt for.

  • Any restriction on number of users that can access the application

    No, there are no restrictions on the number of users. You can add as many users as you want and every user can be given access as per their unique requirements.

  • Can we increase or decrease number of resources mid-term?

    Yes, resources can be increased or decreased anytime during your subscription. Increase will result in pro-rata charge and decrease will result in pro-rata credit that can be adjusted against future invoices.

  • What subscription plans are available?

    We have Monthly and Annual subscription plans. In Annual subscription plan, we offer discounted pricing.

  • Do we need to pay separately for support?

    No, additional payment is NOT required for support. Subscription fee includes account manager support, access to our knowledge base and access to ticketing system.

  • Can we cancel subscription and get refund

    Subscription can be cancelled anytime and we offer pro-rata credit for the remaining subscription term. This credit can be adjusted against future invoices, in-case you decide to resume subscription within 1 year. We do not offer refunds.

  • Can we pay via credit card or debit cards?

    Yes, subscription fee can be paid using any major Credit or Debit card.

  • Can we pay via direct bank transfer / wire?

    Yes, clients with annual subscription can choose to pay via bank transfer / wire. For payment via bank transfers, kindly contact your account manager or write to us on

  • Is our credit card and debit card information safe?

    We use world renowned payment and subscription management gateway named STRIPE. STRIPE is PCI Level 1 compliant, which is one of the highest in the industry. STRIPE manages all payment related information and process payments. We never have access to your card data.

  • Do users need to install anything on their PC?

    No, user does NOT need to install anything on their PC or Laptops. eResource Scheduler (eRS Cloud) is a Cloud / Web based application and can be accessed via any major browser on any PC or laptop.

  • Can eRS integrate with other application?

    eResource Scheduler provides open REST API that can be used to integrate with other applications. Use of our open REST API is free.

  • Can resource & project forms be customized?

    Yes, absolutely. You can always add custom fields (upto 125) to resource and project forms to capture information as per your requirement.

  • Does application support user acccess / permissions rights?

    Yes, eResource Scheduler supports extremely flexible user access rights. Administrator can grant users access to specific screens and can also define what users can view, edit and delete on different screens.

  • What’s required from our end to update application?

    You don’t need to move a finger to update application. eResource Scheduler is an online application and we will update it from our end and you won’t even notice it. Though we inform beforehand when the application will be updated from our end and if there is any downtime.

  • Can we import data in application?

    Yes resource infroation, project information, tasks, schedules, rates, timesheet entries can be imported using CSV.

  • Can we export data from application?

    Yes, data from all screens can be exported to a spreadsheet.

  • Is our data secure?

    Yes your data is very secure. We use secure HTTPS connections to transport data between application and database to prevent man in middle attacks. Every user has their individual login credentials (Login Id and Password) and administrator can provide users limited access based on what they need to know. We use servers from world class cloud computing providers like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) which follow stringent protocols to secure server & database access. Only handful of our trained engineers have access to our application and database servers.

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