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Configurability Is at The Core Of Our Resource Management Tool
 Resource Screen - Desktop Version

Resource Screen to Manage Resources Effectively

Our resource management software allows adding configurable resource attributes (qualification, skills etc.) that facilitate capturing important data related to resources such as skills, qualifications, experience etc.

eResource Scheduler supports configurable groupings (team, offices, managers etc.) for better resource profiling as per organization’s structure.

Resource ‘start date’ marks start of availability for projects. Resource ‘last working date’ marks end of availability for projects.

Terminate resources that are no longer with organization. Data of resources remains for future reporting purposes.

 Scehduling Chart - Desktop Version

Resource Scheduling Chart

Multi-user resource management tool that allows resource management and scheduling in real time.

Manage human resources (employees) as well as non-human resources like rooms, equipment etc.

Manage resources on different projects using simple drag n drop on Gantt chart view.

Powerful filters to identify right resources based on configurable attributes.

Configurable working calendars to define resource capacity. Add multiple working calendars with different work timings and holidays.

Utilization Report   Desktop-Version

Resource Utilization Report

Our resource management software facilitates maximizing resource utilization with the help of detailed utilization and availability reports.

Reports can be viewed in different views (days, weeks, months etc.) and units like hours, percentage, days etc. Multiple organise by options allows viewing utilization data from different angles.

Configurable color coding allows identifying over and under-utilized resources at a glance and configurable charting capabilities make it easy to understand numerical data in form of graphs.

eRS Forecasting Report - Office - Role - Desktop Version

Forecasting Report

Forecasting report makes eRS an ideal resource management tool to formulate short, medium and long term resource hiring plans.

Capacity from all resources is reported in a consolidated manner and reported by groupings such as roles, team, office, department etc.

Resource demand across projects is reported in a consolidated manner for easy comparison with capacity. Shortages are visible in red and graphs help understand the pattern of shortage and excess of resources across the organization.

Figures can be viewed by multiple views like days, weeks, months and in different units such as hours, FTE and days.

eRS Resource Screen - Cloud Version

Accurate Resource Profiling

Building a comprehensive database of your resources along with all possible information about them is the first step towards effective resource management.

Our cloud based resource management software has a resource screen that allows adding custom fields of different types and allows capturing basic information of resources such as name, email, phone number as well as more professionally important information such as roles they can perform, their certificates, education qualification or anything else that user might want to capture.

Apart from this, user can also create fields to accurate capture information about resource’s position in organization’s structure, such as team, department, manager, office, region etc.

This information is ultimately used in identifying the right resource for the right projects and making sure that resources are properly identified, scheduled and managed.

eRS Scehduling Chart - Cloud Version

Resource Management Made Easy by Drag & Drop

Scheduling chart of our resource management tool provides an easy to understand Gantt chart view that shows existing commitments of resources on different projects and their day to day availability.

User can use powerful configurable filters to identify the right resource based on any criteria that has been captured in resource profile such as role, certificate, qualification, tags etc. Once the right resource is identified, he can be scheduled against projects by a simple drag n drop.

Managing resource bookings is easy with features like extend, shorten, split, drag n drop transfer etc. All these features combined make our scheduling chart a powerful resource management tool and ensures that resources are effectively managed against projects.

Utilization Report   Cloud Version

Resource Utilization Report

Accurately measuring and reporting resource utilization is an important job of any good cloud based resource management software. Our application has a dedicated resource utilization report that reports on utilization figures at all levels of the organization such as resources, projects, team, manager, department, office, region and also at organizational level.

Users can choose to create different reporting views on the fly to get different perspective of utilization data. Utilization figures can be viewed in one or two units at the same time for better perspective and user can easily change the reporting range using pre-defined options such as ‘This Month’, ‘Next Month’ etc.

Powerful filters allow identifying the right information and configurable graphs make it easy to understand data quickly and effectively.

Q. Are on-premise version and cloud version part of same software?

No, on-premise version and cloud version are two separate software.

Cloud version is offered as Saas product and on-premise version is offered as licensed product.

Q. Different terminology is being used to describe software, why?

Our two software are ‘eResource Scheduler Cloud’ and ‘eResource Scheduler On-Premise’.

These are both resource scheduling software but are also referred as resource management software, resource planning software and resource allocation software.

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