Cost, Revenue & Profit Reporting at All Levels of Organization

Financial report shows cost, revenue and profit figures at resource level, project level, team level, manager level, office level or any other level that has been created to group resources and projects.

Users can easily drill down to see where exactly the figures are rolling up from. Figures are colour coded for easy identification of profit and loss. Report can be filtered by various parameters, so identifying required information is always a click away.

Define Cost & Billing Rates at Different Levels

Our resource management software allows users to define cost and billing rates at three levels i.e. Role, Resource and Project level.

Cost and billing rates can change due to several factors, including but not limited to revision in resource compensation. Thus, rates are defined along with an effective date, so that changes can be accommodated, and financial calculations are accurate.

Pick & Choose Rates from Desired Level

At booking level, user has the flexibility to define which rate should be used for calculation of financials. For ease of use, administrator can set regularly used rate option as default.

Options are provided in a way that do not disclose the actual rate to end users but still provide the flexibility to choose the correct rate on every booking

Pick & Choose Rates from Desired Level

Complete Confidentiality of Financial Data

Our extremely configurable user access rights ensure that users can only view and modify financial information such as rates are, financial settings of individual bookings and financial reports based on their level of access.

Access to financial data can be easily configured on a need-to-know basis, ensuring that data confidentiality is maintained at all levels of the organization.

Q. Are on-premise version and cloud version part of same software?

No, on-premise version and cloud version are two separate software.

Cloud version is offered as Saas product and on-premise version is offered as licensed product.

Q. Different terminology is being used to describe software, why?

Our two software are ‘eResource Scheduler Cloud’ and ‘eResource Scheduler On-Premise’.

These are both resource scheduling software but are also referred as resource management software, resource planning software and resource allocation software.

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