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Enterprise-Wide Resource Visibility

Configurable resource management software that maintains comprehensive resource profiles and provides enterprise-wide visibility of resource schedules, utilization and availability. Allows effective and effortless coordination of resources across all teams and departments of the organization.

Track resources with enterprise wide resource visibility

Capture Data with Custom Fields

Upto 125 custom fields of different types capture resource and project meta-data that is important to your business such as roles, skills, qualifications, certificates etc. This also facilitates identifying resources & projects quickly using powerful filters of our resource planning software.

Capture data with the help of customized options

Scheduling Made Easy & Fun!

Features like resource identification, drag-and-drop scheduling, recurring bookings, Day / Hour / Month views etc. make scheduling efficient and enjoyable. eRS resource management software facilitates managing & scheduling resources with few clicks and zero hassel!

Interactive Scheduling Features

Resource scheduling features that make creating and modifying schedules interactive and a breeze.

Measure & Improve Resource Utilization

Configurable resource utilization report shows utilization across all levels of the organization (resource, role, city, team, department, manager etc). Our resource scheduling software also includes colour-coded heat maps that highlight under-utilized and over-utilized resources in custom-defined colors.

Capacity Reporting

Make faster scheduling decisions with insights into real-time resource capacity visible at different levels (Role, team, manager, department, office etc) considering current allocations and resource strength.

plan manage and measure capacity

Timesheets to Track Actuals

Timesheet is built-in eRS resource management software. It provides time capturing, approval, reporting with insights into actual time spent on projects and highlights gaps in scheduling vs actuals.

Track utilization with timesheet management features

Financials to Boost Bottomline

Know your bottomline! Financial module allows defining cost & billing rates at different levels and draws actionable insights into key metrics of resource scheduling such as cost, revenue and profit information at resource, project and other levels.

Boost bottomline with advanced financial features

Configurable Working Calendars

Multiple custom working calendars accommodate varied working patterns (hours, days, holidays etc) of different resources. Ideal for organizations with resources across multiple countries. This also allows accurate calculation of resource capacity, utilization and availability figures.

Get personalized work calendars with resource management software

Role-based Access

Configurable role-based access to critical information ensures limited access to only authorized users. Flexible access rights ensure that data confidentiality is never compromised, even in complex environments of large organisations.

Manage resource access based on their roles

Quick Access to Critical Data

Integrate with third-party apps such as calendars and emails for notification and alerts on mobile devices, this ensure anytime-anywhere access to critical updates and makes eRS resource scheduling software even more productive.

Access critical data seamlessly

Seamless Third Party Integration

Our resource management software offers unified experience with our open REST API allowing bi-directional data sync with existing applications.

Import or integrate with third party systems

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