Simple Resource Management Tool

Features to Ease Up Project Resource Management

eResource Scheduler is the best resource management & project planning application that has been designed to simplify your project resource management process. It’s a great tool that loaded with all the features required for effectively managing your resources on projects. It gives a clear view of utilization and availability of your resources and makes sure that right resources are working on the right projects.


Booking Chart in eRS Resource Management Software


 Collaborative / Multi-user resource management tool that allows to manage resources in real time.

  Manage human resources (employees) as well as non-human resources like rooms, equipments etc.

  Configurable working calendars to define resource capacity. Add multiple working calendars with different work timings.

  Powerful filters to identify required resources based on various attributes.

  Manage resources on different projects using simple drag n drop on Gantt chart view.


Resource Screen in eRS Management Tool


 Configurable resource attributes (qualification, skills etc.) allow efficient and proper profiling of resources.

 Our software supports configurable groupings (team, offices, managers etc.) for better resource profiling as per organization’s structure.

 Resource ‘start date’ marks start of availability for projects.

  Resource ‘last working date’ marks end of availability for projects.

  Terminate resources that are no longer with organization.


Utilization Report in eRS software to manage resources


 eRS software facilitates efficient team management with the help of utilization and availability reports.

  Identify resources for project resource management using primary or secondary roles.

  Manage resources concurrently on multiple projects. Add resource requirements on projects or tasks.

  Calculate project resource cost by defining hourly cost rate on resources.

  Calculate project resource revenue by defining hourly billing rate on resources.


Forecasting Report in eRS Software


 Forecasting report makes eRS an ideal resource management tool to formulate short, medium and long term resource hiring plans.

  Import resources using excel template generated by eRS software.

 Bulk edit feature to edit profiles of multiple resources at one go.

 Bulk delete feature to delete multiple resources at once.

  Organize and view resource list using multiple options for better understanding & management.