Best eResource Scheduler Alternatives 2024

Best eResource Scheduler Alternatives 2024

Are you a start-up struggling to allot employee work hours amidst the chaos of multiple projects functioning simultaneously, or are you an industry shark scrambling with time management and productivity issues? Irrespective of the number of employees you have, creating schedules can be a time-consuming and gruesome task. In fact, according to a survey managers spend around 20% of their time creating employee schedules manually. Do you know what this means? If there’s a 40-hour work week, managers spend approximately an entire day consumed by schedule management every week!

However, in a tech-driven era, manual efforts aren’t as necessary as they were in previous corporate decades. Gone are the days when companies used to hire separate resources for responsibly tracking their entire workforce. Now, they use resource scheduling software like eResource Scheduler (eRS) to replace manual allocation. Wondering what’s eRS and what are eResource Scheduler alternatives for your organization? Well, we have just the elaborate listicle you need!

But First, What is eResource Scheduler?

If you are still operating your business the old-fashioned way, where you are sending an email or submitting a paper request for time off, you are hindering your business and employee productivity. Instead, you can go for the employee scheduling feature of eRS to automate the process of creating and managing employee schedules, automate staffing adjustments, assign shifts, optimize schedules, and track resource allotment.

eResource Scheduler primarily works on three different aspects of organizational processes:

  • Scheduling
  • Financials
  • Timesheets

Features of eRS

With the scheduling capability of the software, organizations can easily visualize schedules with Gantt Charts. They are extremely easy to understand and allow project managers to quickly view existing schedules by resources and projects while tracking employee availability.

You can use eRS to identify qualified resources swiftly and easily by leveraging custom details captured in resource forms, e.g. certificates, qualifications, skills, etc., and use the flexibility of real-time resource availability. With actionable, real-time insights from the centralized data pool of eResource Scheduler, project managers can identify resources, as per project requirements, and ensure that adequately available resources are scheduled for different campaigns.

The software has a drag-and-drop scheduling feature that facilitates users to effortlessly expand, shorten, and reassign bookings across resources, and there’s also a resource overload indicator that helps reorder projects and tasks to avoid employee burnout. You can schedule in day, month, and hour views for intra-day or inter-day bookings and experience the advantage of split bookings that can accommodate any last-minute transfers, inclusions, and alterations with a single click.

In addition, eResource Scheduler allows users to visualize and schedule tasks from different perspectives: manager, project, resource, client, team, etc. You can get all the information at a glance on the booking bar, configure it for quick access, and create multiple copies of a booking with the same attributes.

There’s no denying that eResource Scheduler is one of the best employee scheduling software in the industry. However, if you want to verify this by looking at the features of eResource Scheduler competitors, or if you are looking for other software solutions, here’s a list of the leading eResource Scheduler alternatives in 2024.

#1 is one of those eResource Scheduler alternatives that facilitates efficient resource management for teams of all sizes. You can use the software to bring out the best in your team by monitoring workload, mastering resource allocation, and bolstering productivity.

The software allows you to manage all your resource planning, allocation, and monitoring in a single place, so you can use your resources more efficiently and adapt flexibly to unexpected changes. In a world where dynamic teams have become the bedrock of corporate establishments, is a scheduling software that can set your team up for success.

Just like eRS, you also get the drag-and-drop functionality here, and managers can get instant clarity on their team’s capacity at a glance. In addition, you also get the liberty to create project timelines, easily prioritize which resources are needed where, schedule tasks, and identify the needs of your resources in real time. Especially for organizations that have more high-octane campaigns, can be an excellent way to adapt accordingly to meet and exceed organizational goals in time.

#2 Resource Management by Smartsheets

Does your organization thrive on multiple projects being coordinated simultaneously? If the answer is yes, Resource Management by Spreadsheet can be an excellent resource scheduler. It is specifically developed for effective teams and projects to make strategy, budget forecasting, hiring, and resource allocation straightforward.

In fact, Gartner Peer Insights has recognized Smartsheets as Customers’ choice in Collaborating Work Management in 2023. The software makes it exceptionally easy for project managers to assemble the right team for any task or project, and track campaign progress with project timelines and budgets, so managers can predict hiring needs. When organizations use Resource Management by Spreadsheet, they can find and plan the ideal project team, anticipate future resource allocation and outsourcing requirements, and manage staffing problems in real-time. Based on your team’s capabilities, Resource Management by Spreadsheet helps you to examine different project pipelines and leverage timesheets to visualize complicated and cluttered data into simple project patterns.

How can this help? Well, this can aid project managers to stay focused on high-priority matters and use the actionable data to assign work, even out workload distribution, and create high-performing teams without any communication gaps.

#3 Saviom Enterprise Resource Management

If you are a business that needs help with fundamental planning, resource management, and scheduling, Saviom Enterprise Resource Planning Software can be an excellent choice. You can use its multi-dimensional resource scheduling and optimization feature to configure resource schedules by role, team, location, project type, and skillet.

It is one of the most powerful resource forecasting, and capacity planning utilization software, so enterprises can use it to identify any resource shortages in advance and bridge the capacity gap proactively for timely allocation.

In addition, the Saviom Resource Management software also enables users to track resources and metrics in real time with highly configurable dashboards and BI reports. You get the advantage of consolidating data from multiple business applications for a single source of truth and no data duplication, and the automation and scenario-based modeling help stimulate different scenarios to find the best possible outcome under possible constraints, so you can address industry volatility effortlessly.

#4 Retain

Executing projects successfully invariably and implicitly means demand forecasting and capacity planning. If you are ready for a resource scheduling software that can strengthen your resourcing plans, resolve conflicts, and allow you to focus on growing your business, Retain is your go-to option. This eResource Scheduler alternative is an all-time favorite of over 200 customers across 65 countries, and it works for everyone ranging from audit and tax professionals to consultants, and project managers.

From analyzing previous project records and getting clarity on resource availability to efficiently planning projects and ensuring they are on track the software helps organizations to monitor capacity, measure outcomes, and complete projects successfully. Being one of the best among eResource Scheduler competitors, you can use it to develop talent, identify skill gaps, and get options on how, when, and where work is done. This enables you to exceed customer expectations, and the best part is that scheduling no longer feels like a daunting chore for you. Leverage Retain to unlock a holistic, unanimous view of past and planned utilization to increase efficiency, better forecast projects, and overcome seasonal resource scarcity with error-prone spreadsheets because with Retain, you can spend less time on planning, and more time on delivering.

#5 Runn

This is one of those eResource Scheduler competitors that works wonders for providing company-wide visibility across projects, sales, and people needed to deliver them. Project managers can use Runn, and simplify tracking, planning, and forecasting on a single platform. Whether you are a team leader, project manager, or someone responsible for handling cross-functional teams, you can always use Runn to assign people to projects and create assignments in seconds.

The interface works like a charm, so you get a glimpse of what’s progressing without getting lost in the game. Besides, you never miss a project deadline as you can unlock the best possible combination of projects according to your pipeline and capacity. Runn enables you to plan budgets and track projects while being proactive about eliminating the guesswork. Take advantage of the forecasting feature and forecast capacity, scenarios, projects, and financials without any hiccups.

#6 Resource Navigator

Do you want an eResource Scheduler alternative that’s 100% customizable? Well, if you need ERP software that works like it’s specifically designed for you, Resource Navigator is an excellent choice. With this software, you can create and edit your documents just like you want without the help of any professional or programmer. The best part is you can manage and follow up on your projects with the impressive features provided by Resource Navigator, and it also lets you handle massive databases.

The software boasts an interactive interface that can be accessed through any peripheral device. So, it’s relatively straightforward for project stakeholders and employees to access the software. In addition, as Resource Navigator is a leading ERP software, it looks great on your organization profile while giving great value to quality and professionalism. In addition, it also has features to ensure that your data is safe and secure, so that’s definitely a win-win!

7 Mosaic Resource Management

In a world where AI runs the show for almost every organization, Mosaic Resource Management Software is an excellent way to stay atop the race. You can use this AI-powered eResource Scheduler alternative for resource management, forecasting, reporting, and more. Deploy the software to better manage your work, team, and projects, and its features can integrate seamlessly with your existing tools for automatically aggregating data from throughout your business.

Get accurate insights on who’s working on what, when, and for how long in one stunning interface. If you have a team that spends hours addressing time management issues through spreadsheets, Mosaic Resource Management can be your savior. Instead of the awfully plain, intricate, and time-intensive spreadsheets that require double-entry and are prone to errors, you can always use Mosaic Resource Management, which uses AI and allows teams and project managers to view the big picture. Instead of becoming bogged down in the minutiae of different tasks and juggling all projects, you can use this software to boost productivity across your entire firm and make strategies that work for everyone.

#8 Resourceinn

Most organizations struggle with resource management at their HR level. Well, if your business is one of them, Resourceinn is one of those eResource Scheduler competitors that can make your life simpler than you can ever imagine. This cloud-based HR and payroll software can automate business processes and offer tools to track and monitor employee attendance with a simple and user-friendly mobile application.

Specially designed for those who prioritize usability over everything, Resourceinn enables teams to collaborate and grants employees a secure and full-fledged system to manage hires and automate workflows. Whether you have an MNC, or your business falls in the range of small and medium companies, Resourceinn is one of those software solutions that can do it all. The best part? Well, the final update of Resourceinn also includes premium discounts, better navigation and privacy, enhanced UI/UX design, the finest AI integration backed by ChatGPT, and a free trial!

#9 Schedule it

If you don’t want to be lost in the intricacies of a resource scheduling software that's complex beyond your comprehension, Schedule-it is your one-stop alternative. The software can be used for planning employees, training, facilities, equipment, and more. You can use Schedule-it to plan and track work, appointments, meetings, jobs, projects, and much more. This eResource Scheduler alternative allows you to create your own categories just like you need them, schedule blocks of time from minutes to years, and incorporate the assets, resources, and tags you need.

#10 TeamQ

This is another collaborative project management tool designed specifically to streamline team coordination as well as task assignment. With a user-centric approach, the software fosters seamless communication among teams. It’s a solid competitor among eResource Scheduler alternatives because TeamQ empowers teams to enhance productivity with transparent project management and facilitate efficient collaboration, so managers can ensure that tasks are completed on time.

In a nutshell, organizations use this platform for automating team workflows. They deploy it to manage resources, plan projects, and measure the time taken to deliver different projects. In a nutshell, project managers can use this software solution to visualize and measure their team’s ongoing progress via dashboards. Functioning efficiently for businesses of all sizes, TeamQ is one of those eResource Schedule competitors that are made just to simplify the work of high-performing teams.

#11 Journyx PX

If you are wondering what makes Journy PX a powerful project management and resource planning tool, we have all the information you need. For one, it offers comprehensive time tracking, expense management and resource allocation features. Secondly, with a focus on improving project profitability, this software provides insights into resource utilization, performance metrics, and project costs, so organizations, project managers, and team leaders can make informed decisions.

The best part of this software is that it can make your project cost accounting simpler and more precise by estimating and tracking the details at the resource level. In addition, it provides a complete picture of project and budget status, employee time, and availability, so you can search for and assign available resources, assess the financial impact of your project on resource allocation, and create the necessary requisitions for any additional capacity planning or resources.

#12 Resource Guru

Imagine having a tool at your disposal to effortlessly track your team’s availability, assign tasks, and ensure everyone is in the right place at the right time! Well, Resource Guru does exactly that. With a user-friendly interface that lets you drag and drop to make scheduling a breeze, this simple software offers real-time collaboration so everyone is on the same page. Need to make quick changes? No problem – Resource Guru adapts instantly. With customizable reports, you'll have a bird's-eye view of your team's performance. Plus, the powerful analytics help optimize resource allocation for maximum productivity. Say goodbye to overbooking and underutilization!

How does this help? Well, you can keep track of everything with one creative calendar. From vacations and sick days to maternity levels and other aspects of your resources, you can get detailed reports that let you get fresh insights with premium features as well as a 30-day free trial.

#13 PDWare ResourceFirst

Do you need software that takes the chaos out of project planning with robust features? Well, PDWare ResourceFirst helps you align your project with business goals effortlessly. This eResource Scheduler alternative allows you to optimize resource allocation for peak performance, so it’s like you have a personal assistant for projects, so you keep an eye on timelines and workloads. With PDWare ResourceFirst, you can collaborate in real time, visualize project portfolios, and stay on budget with ease. Need to make adjustments on the fly? No sweat – ResourceFirst adapts like a champ.

#14 Celoxis

If your organization needs all-in-one project management software that can help your team plan and track their portfolios, tasks, project timesheets, risks, and issues from one place, this is your go-to option. With Celoxis, you get a customizable free client portal and extensive collaboration features. It offers a 360-degree view of projects, and the software has the best team behind it. They make adoption in the marketplace easier than anything, which is why the platform is a widely preferred option for brands like HBO, KPMG, Bombardier, and the University of Washington. Besides, selecting a project management software can be daunting and time-consuming, so to make things easier, Celoxis also offers customizable demos designed by industry experts that are designed to cater to your specific requirements.

#15 Dreamler

This tool transforms brainstorming into a visual masterpiece, making project planning a breeze. Imagine a virtual whiteboard that brings your ideas to life – Dreamler does exactly that! With its intuitive interface, Dreamler lets teams map out projects effortlessly, fostering a seamless flow of creativity. No more drowning in endless lists – visualize your tasks, goals, and timelines in a way that sparks inspiration. Dreamler encourages real-time collaboration, turning your projects into vibrant hubs of teamwork. Adjustments are a snap, and with dynamic timelines, you can adapt on the fly without missing a beat.

#16 Teamdeck

Teamdeck is a comprehensive workforce management tool that streamlines project planning, time tracking, and resource management. It offers real-time insights into team availability, project timelines, and skill sets. With an intuitive interface, it facilitates efficient collaboration, helping teams allocate resources effectively and optimize project workflows. Teamdeck also integrates with popular project management tools for seamless coordination, making it a versatile solution for businesses aiming to enhance productivity and resource utilization.

#17 Projectum Team Planner

Projectum Team Planner is a robust project management tool designed for Microsoft Project users. It extends the capabilities of Microsoft Project by providing a visual representation of project resources and workloads. With drag-and-drop functionality, it allows teams to easily assign tasks, balance workloads, and ensure optimal resource utilization. The interactive interface enhances collaboration, and real-time updates enable teams to adapt quickly to changing project dynamics. Projectum Team Planner is a valuable addition for organizations leveraging Microsoft Project, offering enhanced visibility and control over project resources and timelines.

#18 Silverbucket

Silverbucket is a resource management tool focused on optimizing project portfolios. It provides a centralized platform for planning and allocating resources based on skills, availability, and project requirements. With a user-friendly interface, Silverbucket offers transparency into resource utilization, aiding in effective decision-making. It supports forecasting and scenario planning, allowing teams to anticipate resource needs and mitigate potential bottlenecks. Integration with popular project management tools enhances its versatility. Silverbucket empowers organizations to align resources with strategic goals, ensuring efficient project execution and fostering a proactive approach to resource management.

#19 Hub Planner

Hub Planner is a flexible resource scheduling and management tool designed to enhance collaboration & streamline project workflows. It enables teams to allocate resources efficiently, monitor project timelines, and ensure optimal utilization of skills. Hub Planner's interactive dashboard provides real-time insights into team availability, making it easier to adapt to changing project requirements. The tool supports integration with popular project management platforms, fostering seamless coordination. With features like time tracking and reporting, Hub Planner is a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to optimize resource planning, improve project delivery, and enhance overall organizational efficiency.

#20 Tempus Resource

Tempus Resource is a powerful resource management solution designed to optimize workforce planning and project execution. Leveraging advanced algorithms, it offers intelligent forecasting, helping organizations allocate resources effectively based on skills, availability, and project demands. Tempus Resource provides real-time visibility into resource utilization, enabling proactive decision-making and preventing bottlenecks.

With scenario planning and modeling capabilities, teams can anticipate future resource needs and align them with strategic objectives. Integration with popular project management tools enhances its adaptability, making Tempus Resource a valuable asset for businesses aiming to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize the impact of their resources.

#21 Epicflow

Epicflow is a dynamic project management and resource optimization tool that utilizes the principles of the Theory of Constraints. It offers a unique multi-project environment, allowing teams to manage and prioritize tasks efficiently. Epicflow's intuitive interface provides visual project timelines and resource allocation, facilitating real-time collaboration. The tool's algorithm analyzes task dependencies and resource constraints, ensuring optimal project workflows. With predictive analytics, teams can foresee potential delays and take proactive measures.


Yes, managing time and employee schedules in a startup is challenging. However, if you have different companies and multiple schedules, your job is even harder. Manual employee scheduling isn’t just time-intensive; it is error-prone as well. Instead you can always use an employee scheduling software like eResource Scheduler to keep an accurate and up-to-date schedule that’s updated in real-time.

If you loved these eResource Scheduler alternatives, stay tuned! We are here with more industry-leading insights for bolstering organizational productivity!

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