Top Employee Timesheet Software for Efficient Work Hour Tracking

Top Employee Timesheet Software for Efficient Work Hour Tracking

9 Best Employee Timesheet Software To Streamline Resource Utilization

Employee Timesheet software is a mandatory task for any institution or company to master budgets and billing, but also to ensure that productivity is high and no time is wasted.

Time tracking software improves the health of the project by tracking billable time, accessing final results and calculating payroll and company profit. Fortunately, tracking work time is much easier these days, thanks to employee timesheet software and applications.

Timesheet tools help keep track of working hours and team performance; analyze employees, and optimize work processes, regardless of the size of the company (works for all sizes and types).

With time management software, it's easy to strategically monitor and plan the hours you and your team work, which helps increase productivity. This software tracks employee time, client billing rates, and hourly wages, and prepares this information for billing and payroll.

Consider time allocation tools as "best of breed" or "all in one", it's up to you.

Key Features of Employee Timesheet Software

Key Features of Employee Timesheet Software

The various time allocation software differ in the numerous features that are included in the software or available as integrated or paid versions:

The most important features to consider before choosing time tracking software.

Easy access to time tracking:

The user has easy access to time tracking. This can be a button that pops up at the bottom of the screen or another window on each screen of the software.

Billing and rates:

The time tracking software can store the rates of the employees, which automatically helps in calculating the payments due by the client. The fewer heads calculating the numbers, the better it is.


Many time tracking software offers reports. This is helpful to figure out the details.

Importance of Employee Timesheet Software

Employee timesheet software offers nifty benefits like calculating profitability, tracking employee productivity, and making accurate forecasts. Here are the versatile benefits of time management software.

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For one, by using an online timesheet app, organizations can get a quick glance at employee hours and leverage the time-tracking data to set automatic reminders for better productivity. This can especially be helpful for remote workers and every hybrid employee who works on their mobile device on the go.

In addition, organizations, can integrate online timesheets into their payroll solutions and use this data to strategize different tasks, so teams work with more accuracy and paid time is used only for business growth.

Read login and Logout Time with Real-Time Insights

Employee timesheet software gives an accurate insight into individual performance.

In addition to tracking employee work hours, the time tracker tool can also be used to create a data-backed approach for simplifying payroll and integrated with other tools for comprehensive reports. These reports help managers identify the bottlenecks that hinder the workflow and estimate future projects.

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Automated payroll and invoices

The time tracking software not only records project hours but also simplifies the billing process. The tool records the daily hours worked by each employee, which helps HR to compensate the salaries accordingly. So, it helps in automating the time management and payroll process

In addition, the tool strengthens the process of providing data from employee timesheets by providing accurate data on employee attendance, leave, overtime, and work performance, which minimizes the likelihood of errors in payroll and invoicing, thus creating more transparency

Automated payroll and invoices

Facilitates administrative tasks and improves employee productivity.

Time tracking software streamlines the entry process through automated time reporting, reconciliation processes, and approvals. The tool accurately documents that employees have timesheets, scheduled and unscheduled leave, tasks, and assigned projects by eliminating manual errors and preventing time theft. This allows employees to move from administrative tasks to more strategic and billable tasks. This increases employee productivity and contributes to overall profitability. Organizational timekeeping

The program comes preloaded with a uniform time policy and regulation, and managers can easily monitor whether employees are complying. Among other things, the time tracking software helps record clock-ins and clock-outs, work hours, breaks, and vacations. This may help managers identify incorrect billable hours. Accordingly, managers can optimize project time tracking and operational processes.

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Top 9 Employee Timesheet Software

The Timesheet app is divided into two categories: basic timesheet and comprehensive employee timesheet software. Here is a list of the 9 best employee timesheet software.

eResource Scheduler

eResource Scheduler

eResource Scheduler is an industry-leading employee timesheet software provider with time tracking, scheduling, time management, and resource allocation solutions for businesses.

The eResource Scheduler employee timesheet software enables companies to get an overview of actual times. In addition, the employee timesheet software supports the collection of real-time information that helps to improve the project status. eResource Scheduler time management software has the features listed below:

Timesheet Management Software

1. Time tracking with time cards: with the integrated timesheet management module, managers can track the actual time spent by resources on projects, tasks, and non-project work.

2. Multiple timesheet completion options: The eRS employee timesheet software provides several options for completing timesheets. You can choose to fill them in manually, or import them via CSV; they can also be automatically pre-filled with scheduling data, and finally the data can be retrieved via their open REST API.

3. Different color codes for easy identification: employee timesheet software highlights submitted, approved and rejected drafts by different color codes to make it easier to identify and edit employees' timesheets.

4. Configurable Timesheet: The eRS Timesheet module is exceptionally configurable and productive at all levels.

5. Manual and automatic approvals: This flexibility enables efficient use of the timesheet module by employees at all levels.

6. Single-screen capability: a manager's decision-making is facilitated by having access to project and employee timesheet, scheduling, and time management information on a single screen. Use the advanced filtering feature to view relevant information.

7. Approval workflow: flexible permissions make our time tracking software the best tool for employee time tracking, suitable for all types and sizes of organizations.

8. Project time tracking report: the time tracking report shows the actual time spent by resources on assigned projects, along with productive work. You can view the reports from a different perspective and create charts to interpret data.

9. Planned vs. actual reports: Detailed project/staff time reports give you actionable insights by comparing planned effort to actual effort and help managers understand the gaps

10. Price: $4; try eRS for 14 for a free trial



SORO has efficient time tracking, reports and billing, and team collaboration tools. It is a tool that helps you manage clients, projects and finances. Best suited for digital, creative, PR, or advertising agencies. SORO allows tracking employee timesheets through time tracking and logbook

Features that SORO offers:

  • Time accounting and time tracking

  • Time and labor reporting

  • CRM

  • Project and task management

  • Quotation and billing

  • Real-time dashboard

  • Reporting

  • Customized

  • Integration with another tool

Price: starting at $26 per month per user. Try SORO with a 14-day free trial.



HARVEST is time-tracking software that helps you improve the health of your project. Project managers can use this software to track project time, productivity, and visual reports, keep track of project yield, and automate invoicing. Harvest integrates with Trello, Asana, Slack and Jira

Features Harvest offer

  • Visual reports on project budget

  • Timesheet approvals for accurate tracking

  • Automatic generation of invoices from recorded time

  • Support for integration with Google and Outlook calendars

Price: Free and paid plans start at $12 per month with a 30-day free trial.



Toggl is a simple time-tracking software that integrates with other project management systems. It has an exclusive feature of Pomodoro timers and an automatic mode for time-tracking activities. Any user can view their automatically generated logs and select any activity to be converted into time entries and made visible to managers. The dashboard feature helps you forecast the budget and project schedule.

Toggl features

  • Click timer for time tracking

  • Easy integration with Google and Outlook calendars

  • Jira support

  • Provides a detailed weekly report



Paymo is a time tracking and scheduling app that combines time tracking, invoicing, and task management. With Paymo, you can calculate the total time spent on a client project. Paymo's web time has a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to directly add and move time on the timesheet. The software has a quick and easy payment calculation

Functions offered by Paymo

  • Performance statistics for users

  • Billing

  • Automatic time tracking

  • Mobile and desktop app

Price: $4.95 per month; try it free for 15 days.



Clicktime helps businesses track both billable and non-billable hours of employees. You can obtain an accurate timesheet and have complete control over the project budget. You can easily compare employee performance, can easily estimate the cost for a future project, and can monitor the gaps.

Features offered by Clicktime:

  • Time tracking stopwatch

  • Analyzing features of project profits, costs, and billing

  • Employee reports and project performance

  • Online timesheet and billable time entries

  • Forecasted time for task completion

Price: $16 per user, try for a 30-day free trial.



Yet another time management software that works across multiple operating devices and systems. Comes with a one-time click timer, along with GPS tracking and WLAN tracking functionality that captures the start and end of work of all the employees in a particular location. You also receive different bill rates for employees.

Features of

  • Time tracking of billable hours

  • Track time and expense on mobile

  • Hourly time clock

  • Calendar, reporting, usage, and request

  • Reimburse expenses.

Price: $9 per month, try for a 30-day free trial.

Time Doctor


Time Doctor is also one of the trusted time tracking software. Time Doctor can accurately track the time employees take in project completion in real-time. The detailed reporting gives the proper insight for improving project workflow, and employee productivity.

Features of Time Doctor:

  • Tracking time spent on the project

  • Access productivity reports of the project

  • Set strict productivity

  • Integrate with Project Management apps

  • Streamline Payroll Management

Price: $7 per user per month, try for a 14-day free trial.



An on-site time-tracking tool that allows you to monitor productivity, billable hours, and attendance. Time tracking allows you to start and stop the time of any active project or enter hours manually. Integrates with Jira, Asana, Trello, and QuickBooks. Clockify comes with set-up time tracking where you can pre-defined projects and record the time spent on each project. Project managers can monitor the weekly activities of the project. Projects can be filtered by estimated time, hourly rates, and actual project completion time to create customized reports.

Clockify features

  • Timesheet management

  • Overtime calculator

  • Mobile time tracking

  • Offline time tracking

  • Multiple timesheets

Price: From $3.99/user/month.


Employee timesheet app is a tool used by business owners, managers, freelancers, and employees to record hours invested in managing invoices, employee timesheets, project timesheets, and many other activities. Perfect time management software captures time spent by resources on assigned projects and uses it to automate invoicing and payroll

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