9 Resource Management Systems that streamline construction

9 Resource Management Systems that streamline construction

Construction projects are high stake endeavors that aim to deliver predetermined outcomes in a time-bound manner. If a construction company fails to plan and procure matching resources, it could result in severe delays and even render the project unprofitable.

This has made resource management systems a necessity for every construction company aiming to succeed in this hyper-competitive industry.

It is only when the human and non-human resources are adequately available throughout the different phases of the project and are effectively utilized that the final outcome could satisfy the project objective, probably within the pre-defined schedule and budget.

The Need for Construction Resource Management Tool

In the dynamic construction landscape, efficient project management is no cakewalk. Organizations scramble to streamline construction resource management and that's where resource management software comes into the big picture.

Project Planning and Scheduling

While handling a construction project, often businesses fail to hit the mark because they face scheduling and planning issues. However, with effective construction resource management this can be avoided With a project management software that optimizes resources, organizations can use manpower, equipment, and materials optimally, adjust project timelines, and identify potential conflicts to adjust schedules accordingly.

Risk Management

Construction projects are inherently complex and subject to different risks, including delays, safety hazards, and cost overruns. However, having effective construction resource management software can help to establish a risk assessment process in every construction project. Project managers can have a resources-based approach to construction as they use the right software to meet deadlines.

By analyzing historical data, simulating different scenarios, and implementing risk mitigation strategies, organizations can minimize the impact of potential disruptions on construction and safeguard project outcomes.

Tech-Enabled Approach

Gone are the days when organizing tasks by priorities, job site, and project costs was simple because now construction sites run on technology, and managing resources and tracking project progress demands a resource scheduling software that can aid enterprise resource planning.

Orchestrated Resource Allocation

Having an automated framework or construction software to manage project teams or construction resources can streamline scheduling, ensure that resources are allocated optimally across different tasks, improve productivity, and minimize downtime.

Real-time Visibility and Performance Tracking

In addition, having resource scheduling software for managing the entire project can help to meet tight deadlines, offer real-time visibility into resource usage, and empower project managers to make informed decisions promptly to mitigate potential bottlenecks or overruns.

Better Communication

When it comes to scheduling resources, general contractors and construction teams can rely on a construction resource scheduling software solution as a cloud-based solution can facilitate seamless collaboration and centralize communication for better transparency and accountability throughout the project lifecycle.


In an era increasingly focused on sustainability and cost-efficiency, having effective resource management becomes vital to finding the right resources and making client communication simpler. By analyzing historical data and performance metrics, resource-based construction software can make time management easy, improve efficiency, and optimize resource usage to reduce waste and enhance profitability.

Investing in top-notch staff management software

A Brief Overview

Resource Management Systems (RMS) play a substantial role in the construction industry, particularly in streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

Through centralized platforms, clients can easily track progress, review schedules, find out the resources required, and provide feedback in real time. This transparent approach fosters trust and strengthens relationships between custom home builders, general contractors, and clients.

Having management software helps allocate the right resources to the right projects. By analyzing resource requirements and task dependencies, firms can optimize resource utilization and prevent bottlenecks. Cloud-based solutions offer easy access to project data, regardless of location or internet connection, enabling seamless collaboration among team members and stakeholders.

Precise Estimates

Accurate estimates are crucial for project success. With RMS, firms can generate precise estimates based on past performance and resource availability, leading to more competitive bids and increased profitability. Moreover, Gantt charts facilitate efficient scheduling, allowing project managers to visualize task dependencies, project processes, scheduling responsibilities, and allocate resources accordingly.

Applications in Field Ops

Field operations benefit from RMS through daily logs and scheduling functionalities. Contractors can easily track progress, manage tasks, and communicate with the office in real time, improving overall efficiency and data accuracy. In addition, RMS provides easy access to resources and tools, empowering teams to make informed decisions and adapt to changing project requirements.

The growing importance of resource management systems has resulted in a lot of companies using advanced resource management systems.

If you are a decision-maker or project manager currently working in a construction company and wanting to effectively utilize your resources, here is a list of 9 top resource management systems that you can consider-

eResource Scheduler

eResource Scheduler

A large number of construction companies trust eResource Scheduler for their resource management systems needs.

Available in cloud-based and on-premise versions, the software comes with advanced features such as drag-and-drop resource scheduling, a centralized pool of projects and resources, working calendars, and more.

The software is also known for its robust reporting features, including availability reports, utilization reports, and financial reports.

Moreover, it also offers complete flexibility to the project managers for creating custom reports as per their preference. To maintain complete confidentiality, the software also comes with user access, which could be modified on a 'need-to-know' basis.

eSub Construction Software

eSub Construction Software

eSub is a cloud-based resource management software exclusively designed for the construction industry.

From scheduling equipment and employees with its user-friendly drag-and-drop tool to time tracking integration for mobile workforce management, the software comes with a host of powerful features to help manage timelines, budget, and quality of the project.

Moreover, it also allows project managers to allocate resources depending on the skill level of the team members, overall project needs, and even equipment availability.

Team members too can use the software to check detailed information about their project allocation, job site location, and specific tasks they are required to work on for the day.



FinalCad is also an excellent solution to help managers better manage all the different aspects of their projects, including coordination, quality, progress, and safety.

With features to ensure 100% traceability, the software could help prevent expensive delays and penalties that could impact the timeline and budget of the projects.

Team members can also share pictures of the progress/problems and even comment on the newsfeed of the software so that everyone stays updated and work together in harmony.

Even project managers can instantly share project reports with the clients so that they too are fully aware of the progress.



This Gantt charts-based resource management system is used by more than 350,000 businesses all over the world.

With GanttPRO, project managers can assign tasks to the team members and also ensure that none of the resources are under or over-utilized. They can also set costs for material resources and labor, and send invitations to team members/virtual resources to join the project.

GanttPRO also allows the managers to add custom working calenders with annual leaves, nonworking days, and working hours of the resources.

The Gantt chart timeline makes it easier for all the involved parties to visualize tasks and their progress. It also has an advanced real-time notification system so that the involved parties could be instantly made aware of any changes.

Construction Online- UDA Technologies

Construction Online- UDA Technologies

Construction Online from UDA Technologies is the next top resource management system for construction companies.

The software comes with features like resource scheduling software, calendars, task lists, time tracking, contact management, reporting, daily logging, user permissions, etc. for effective resource and project management.

It also has an innovative GamePlan feature to help project managers ensure that the team members are always fully aware of not just the present but even the future of the project, tasks, and targets.

Apart from project management, the software can also help managers with regard to sales management, financials, files and photos, communication, document management, and more.



If you are searching for a resource management system that could assist you with not just your resources but back-office tasks as well, you can consider BuildTools.

Talking about resource management systems, it come with powerful scheduling features for human as well as non-human resources.

Moreover, the software can keep you connected with your team members and even subcontractors across projects at all times.

Other top features are related to communication, budgeting, documents, plan redlining, daily logs, and more. All of these advanced features make BuildTools an ideal solution for managing all the different aspects of construction projects.



No matter if you are a construction company, a specialty contractor, or a remodeler, if you are looking for a way to add more transparency to your resource management systems processes, BuilderTrend is the way to go.

The web-based solution allows you to organize, schedule, track, report, and collaborate with a wide range of resources.

Project managers can instantly create to-do lists for the team members and share the same in real time. With a single click, managers can document and even share project details with employees, vendors, subcontractors, and clients.

It also has unlimited document and photo-sharing features to minimize the need for physical storage and ensure that anyone and everyone can access the files on the go.



Used by more than 33,000 construction companies across the world, SmartSheet is a popular web-based end-to-end construction management software.

Apart from resource management systems, it can help construction companies with regard to field operations, budget management, quality control, and safety management.

The high-end project management capabilities of the online tool can help project managers optimally schedule tasks and also ensure that the project progresses as per schedule.

It also has a mobile workflow feature with the help of which the team members can instantly access real-time information, be it about safety incidents or schedule updates, anywhere and anytime.

BIM 360

Autodesk's BIM 360

Autodesk's BIM 360 aims to build a seamless online connection between your team members and project data in real-time to help accelerate project delivery while also adhering to industry standards.

Project managers can use this online tool to create interactive project schedules where resources can be selected based on their skills and availability.

With advanced features related to document management, coordination, constructability, quality management, design collaboration, and analytics, the tool ensures that project managers have a higher level of control over their projects.

Moreover, the tool can also benefit team members across roles, including general contractors, civil engineers, architects, building engineers, and more.

Discover the power of a project management office

Resource Management System to Grow Your Construction Business

Effective management of resources is critical to any industry that is as competitive and complex as construction.

As a project manager or business owner, if you are looking for a way to add more transparency to your construction projects, prevent delays, and generate reasonable profits, a resource management system is what you need.

Understand the pain points of your team members and expectations of your clients before browsing through the options discussed in this post as the information can help you make the right selection

Do subscribe to a web demo or free trial of the software before purchasing to ensure that it positively meets your requirements and expectations.

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