Top 9 Resource Management Software in Healthcare


Resource management in a healthcare facility could be overwhelming, to say the least.

Most facilities function 24x7 for 365 days a year with dozens, hundreds, or maybe thousands of employees, including doctors, nurses, clinicians, and other support staff.

Moreover, to keep up with the complex needs of all the patients and ensure that they experience utmost comfort, the staff should ensure that even the tiniest of details are never overlooked.

Together, this makes up for a convoluted prioritization puzzle where several lives are at risk almost every day.

To set the priorities right and ensure that the best healthcare practices are implemented, facilities should look out for solutions that could help them with resource management.

Here is a list of top 9 systems that healthcare facilities should consider for effective resource management-

  1. Epic Cadence Enterprise Scheduling
  2. Equipped with features like scheduling, patient care, managed care, analytics, specialties management, and more,Epic Cadence Enterprise Scheduling Epic Cadence Enterprise Scheduling is one of the most popular resource management solutions for healthcare facilities. As the resource management needs of every facility can be different, Epic Cadence allows users to personalize workflows, screens, and specialty applications.

    Day-to-day tasks of your staff members are automatically streamlined to ensure utmost efficiency. The tool also comes with dedicated modules for specialties such as dental, cardiology, fertility, and more to help your medical staff deliver quality care. The online tool also comes with a host of features for the patients so that they can get detailed information and even communicate with healthcare experts not just from the hospital but even after getting discharged.

  3. OpenEMR
  4. OpenEMR is an open-source hospital management solution that can be effectively used by healthcare facilities of every size. It comes with role-based personalized menus for your medical staff, which they can easily access from their mobile phones. The tool also allows you to store and encrypt patient data for complete confidentiality.

    The ONC certified software also has other features like automated tracking, advanced scheduling, integrated billing, instant notification, and more for enhanced convenience. Moreover, the tool can also be integrated with diagnostic labs for easy flow of reports and other vital patient information. OpenEMR supports more than 30 languages, making it an excellent choice for healthcare facilities across the world.

  5. eResource Scheduler
  6. Healthcare facilities looking for an advanced resource management software can consider purchasing eResource Scheduler. With easy drag-and-drop scheduling, custom report generation, and flexible configuration, the cloud-based tool is sure to streamline your resource management process while also ensuring that all your resources are effectively utilized.

    The tool offers a centralized list of all the tasks and resources so that managers can efficiently schedule resources, and even the team members are always fully aware of the tasks they should be working on. The availability of the resources can also be monitored in real-time so that the right resources can be instantly scheduled in case of medical emergencies.

  7. eHospital
  8. Built by Adroit Infosystems,eHospital is a powerful, comprehensive, and highly configurable resource and hospital management solution. Ideal for hospitals, medical practitioners, and multi-specialty facilities, it allows managers to schedule medical staff and also generate timely IM, email, and text updates so that the employees are aware of their daily tasks.

    The software also has a patient registration module where all the vital information of the patients can be stored securely. It also has appointment and scheduling features so that patients can easily book their appointments with doctors or to avail radiology or laboratory services. Some of the other top features of the software include outpatient and inpatient management, billing, discharge summary, and consultant management.

  9. Medixcel EMR
  10. If you are searching for a resource management solution that can help improve the overall functioning of your medical facility, Medixcel EMR is one of the top recommendations. From managing consultations across multiple specialties, vitals tracking, scheduling and appointments, to instant alerts and notifications, the online tool is equipped with several features to help your facility.

    Moreover, Medixcel also has a patient portal where your patients can access their reports, raise tickets, and easily communicate with medical staff. With features like SMS and email notification, medical facilities can easily send drug reminders, appointment alerts, and other details to their patients.

  11. OneTouch EMR
  12. For efficient resource management and digital storage of patient information, healthcare facilities can also consider OneTouch EMR. The cloud-based software is highly flexible and allows users to personalize the dashboard, menus, and more, which can be instantly accessed through laptops/computers, mobile phones, and even tablets.

    The software allows you to easily manage staff schedules and effortlessly confirm, cancel, or reschedule from a single screen. It can also be digitally connected to laboratories for reduced paperwork and improved efficiency. The software also has a patient demographics section where the medical staff can easily access detailed patient information as and when needed.

  13. HIMS HospiLogix
  14. Next on this list of top resource management solutions for healthcare facilities is HIMS HospiLogix. The web-based solution is very popular for its extensive general modules that range from patient registration, radiology management, appointment and scheduling, dietary management, billing management, and more.

    There are additional modules and specialty modules, including IVF and infertility, to keep up with the challenging resource management needs of modern healthcare facilities. The NABL and NABH compliant software also has dynamic statistical analysis reporting to help the medical staff make informed and timely decisions and offer quality care to every patient.

  15. HospitalRun
  16. HospitalRun is also a multifunctional resource management solution exclusively designed for medical facilities. The open-source tool is increasingly used by top healthcare providers across the world due to its online and offline flexibility. It is one of the few solutions that are offline enabled. This ensures that the medical staff can access patient and scheduling information remotely, even without the internet.

    The tool can also be integrated with labs for easy sharing of patient reports, which can be instantly stored and accessed when needed. Appointment management and medication are some other features that make HospitalRun a great choice for facilities of every size. Managers can also customize user access to maintain confidentiality.

  17. MyNapier
  18. Developed by Napier Healthcare, MyNapier is a robust resource management and information system management designed for medical facilities. The cloud-based system comes with more than 20 modules such as appointment and scheduling, billing, patient registration, and more to help facilities with a host of their everyday functions.

    The online tool can be easily customized to ensure that it can be effortlessly used by standalone hospitals as well as chain of clinics and laboratories. Interactive EMR, speech-to-text recognition, 1-click prescription generation, and online payment gateway are some of the other top features of MyNapier.

Selecting the Best Healthcare Resource Management Solution

With so many different options to choose from, selecting the one that best suits the requirements of your healthcare facility can be challenging. Spend some time on the selection process and try to thoroughly understand the features and benefits of the solutions listed above to make the right decision.

To provide first-hand experience, most resource management solutions come with a free trial. After shortlisting a few options, this free trial can be an excellent way to make the final decision.

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