Effective Resource Planning in USA's Leading Healthcare Company

eResource Scheduler Helps Healthcare Company in Efficient Resource Planning

Company Background

Client organization is USA’s leading healthcare company providing various health related services including research & development, equipment manufacturing, sales. Client organization works in 27 countries and more than 28,000 employees are spread all over the world in different offices and departments.


Major challenge faced by managers was efficient resource planning within large pool of resources spread across the globe.

Managers were not able to identify correct resources and had no idea how to generate accurate resource availability and utilization data. This lead to work load imbalance to an extent that very few resources were planned on majority of projects and most of the resources were heavily underutilized. Absence of accurate resource planning software that could generate accurate reports, led to bad & expensive decision of recruiting more resources that caused duplication.

Workload imbalance also led to demotivated resources that ultimately reduced productivity and had negative impact on project deadlines and budget.

Solution: New Resource Scheduling Process

Client organization searched for the best project resource planning software and found eResource Scheduler (eRS), after evaluating the tool they decided to invest in it. Within couple of weeks of implementation of eResource Scheduler, managers realized significant changes in their resource planning and management process and outcome.

First major benefit was the ability to bring all managers on the same platform and sharing real-time resource scheduling & planning data. Powerful resource filters allowed managers to easily find resources with required skills, certifications from different departments and offices.

Second benefit of eRS resource planning tool was that it ensured that correct resources were scheduled on projects.

Third, with reports specialized for project resource planning, managers were able to get accurate resource utilization and availability data. This allowed managers to ensure that resources are utilized in a balanced manner. This increased productivity and employee motivation.

Fourth, forecasting report highlighted resource types that were in shortage and excess on an ongoing basis, this was important information for HR team and they formulated their hiring plans based on this data.

Fifth, accurate financial reports of eRS resource planning software showed resource cost and non-resource cost for every project, this allowed managers with pricing their end product to ensure its profitable for the organization.

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