Five Things you ought to ask yourself as a

A manager is a person who is responsible for a subset of a company or grouping of tasks. A manager has a group of people under him, who report to her or him after accomplishing the tasks he set out for them. Different departments in a company have different managers. The major job of managers is basically to guide teams to enormous results. In order for one to be a manager, they need training to understand what they are to be doing while on their job.

Do you want to be a good manager that gets results then you should ask yourself the following five questions:-

How well will I manage my team?
Communication. Managers have the responsibility of communicating with their staff if they are to achieve the intended results. Keep the employees informed with whatever is going on and the tasks you have set for them to achieve. Let them know how best to do their job and as well of all the necessary information they need to know.

What does a manager do?
A manager keeps the staff informed, explains to the staff any reason for change or action and then asks the employees for feedback. He/she is responsible for resource planning for the company or organization they are work for. A manager motivates and is available to work with other people. He/she identifies approaches to be taken and solutions to problems. He/she sets priorities with his/her staff, and make it clear to the employees of what each one of them has to do.

How to manage?
There is no absolute answer to this question. A manager doesn’t know all the answers to the questions forwarded to him. And as a manager you have to know that there are many answers to a question. You have to know that you are managing different people from different backgrounds with different characters. It will be a challenge but if handled well it will be rewarding to manage other people. Always know that the people you manage will react differently to different situations. Be well prepared for this because it will help you as a manager gain understanding of the people you are managing.

How will I help my team achieve results?
Through organizing and dividing work to manageable tasks and the select the right people for each task. Establish targets, analyse, appraise and interpret performances to people. Offer training and develop the team you manage. Efficiently support your team with their work responsibilities.

How do I manage multiple tasks and responsibilities?
By ensuring suitable managing systems and procedures are put in place to help accomplish the necessary tasks. Always know that as a manager you are not alone, you have a network of support around you whom you can delegate tasks too. Build up policies and guidelines that will be of assistance you to access training and development in your career as a manager. Ask for help or advice when you don’t understand certain things.

In conclusion being an effective manager requires someone to know their responsibility, to effectively exercise their authority, know their level of accountability and the duties they are required to discharge as managers.

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