We have listened to you, our customers, done a lot of research and added many new exciting features and enhancements in our latest update to help you get more done in fewer steps. Yes, eResource Scheduler is now version 4.0.2.

This version will give you more control over resources, more visibility on resource requirements, and more power to schedule your resources without wasting time.

Major Enhancements:

–   Ability to copy paste calendars to simplify data entry

–   Define timings in working calendars using slider feature

–   Define multiple breaks within working timings

–   Facility to create 24 hour calendar

–   Ability to add resource requirements at project level

–   Introduced a new graphical reporting screen “Gap Report”. It compares “Resource Requirements” v/s “Resource Allocations”

–   Applied techniques to enhance booking chart performance esp. with large amount of data

–   Facility to add “Working Day Exceptions” to define a non-working day as working day

–   Ability to add and edit project timings

–  Ability to add hyperlinks in notes section etc.

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