Choosing the Best Resource Planning
Application : What Managers Should Know

The success of any organization is very much dependent on how well that organization manages its resources. A well structure resource management system maximizes efficiency in the use of resources to achieve the best quality output at the lowest cost possible. Best resource planning application is one such tool that is very effective for this purpose. An organization can implement such a system to maximize the potential output of the resources it owns.
A project resource planning software is an organizational management software that allows organizations to use a system of integrated applications for organizations resource management; the applications are built for all facets of operational process like, product planning, development, manufacturing processes, marketing, sales, etc.

Managers should strive to ensure the success of the whole organization by ensuring that the resources bestowed to them or to the department they manage, are efficiently managed for maximum productivity. Resource planning system is certainly one of the most effective ways for any organization to achieve its goals and objectives. However, there are many considerations to look at when choosing the right resource planning system that caters for the whole organization resource planning needs.

Choosing the right resource planning system is the first towards the healthy growth of an organization. This manager should have the following considerations in mind when choosing the right software for their organization.

Define the organizational requirements:-

Defining organizations requirements is the first and the major step in choosing an effective and the most efficient software that are sensitive to the needs and requirements of the daily operation of the organization. This process also helps in the streamlining of the organizations goals and objective in relation to the resources it currently owns and ones it plans to own in the course of its operational life.

It is important that the software meet all the organizational requirements, it should provide accurate information and estimates in tandem with the organizations set objectives and goals, as well as help the managing team to steer towards a promising future.

Types of the resource planning system required:-

Currently, there are many ERP (enterprise resource planning) system in the market, some are tailored for various business functions. E.g. accounting, human resource, customer care and other customized to include combinations of various functions to suit an organization’s requirements in efficient resource management. Some organization like a more holistic approach in the design of the software, therefore they will prefer to have all resources managed under one software, while other will break down the system into small independent units as per the organizational department requirements. Whichever approach the manager chooses, he/she should have the bigger picture in mind about the operational efficiency of the system.

  • User-friendly- A system is of no good to an organization if the requisite staff finds it difficult to use the software. The resource planning system should be user-friendly, it should be easy to use with persons that have basic knowledge in computer systems. An ideal resource planning software is friendly and easy to use Graphic user interface, with simplified feature like drag and drop, simplified commands, and easy to understand, well-illustrated user manuals.
  • Cost- Cost is one of the major factor a manager should consider. Most ERP systems cost a fortune, especially if they are custom made for the organization requirements. However, the merits of installing this system should surpass the cost of acquiring it. The manager should calculate the cost of acquiring and maintaining the system, there required patches and updates should also be factored in when making the consideration. The cost of implementing the system and the required equipment should not adversely affect the organization, and the returns are guaranteed. Also the terms of payment for the system should allow some flexibility.
  • Reliability- A good system should be reliable at all time to deliver its maximum capacity in resource planning. This will ensure that the organization operations are flowing smoothly without any glitches or mishaps. An unreliable system may cost the organization, it resources as well as its reputation on the market.

The above considerations will guide a manager on how to choose the best resource planning system; one that perfectly suits the goals and objective of that organization in planning and managing its resources. In conclusions, having an effective resource planning system allows for efficient resource planning and management for the growth and success of the organisation.

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