Barriers in Efficient Employee Scheduling

Many levels of intense activities continues in most organisations and many managers and team leaders find themselves working hard on a myriad of activities trying to get best performance from the resources as this is the underlying basis of the company’s success.

Optimum Human resource utilization by the means of efficient resource scheduling has always been central to success of the organization. Human capital is intangible and elusive and cannot be managed the way organizations manage jobs, products and technologies. There are many attributes of each individual and variables of each interactive resource which influence the total quality work out put. These can be categorized as the knowledge, skills, life experiences, morale and it’s motivation, abilities and interpersonal relations, to name a few.

The value of employees is increased when his knowledge, skills and abilities are known to the manager.

The difficulties in optimum resource utilization are mainly related to resource scheduling deficiencies, lack of their educational and training records, inadequate staffing, time and attendance, clear job description, job analysis, diversity (racial / ethnic diversity, more women in the workforce, single-parent households, dual-career couples, domestic partners, working mothers and family/childcare), loss of employee loyalty, health safety and security issues, the companies going global leading to multicultural environment, technological shift and use of

Internet, older employees not trained in modern techniques or exposed to today’s work culture, need to accommodate working mothers and fathers through parental leaves, ensure equality for women in respect to employment advancement opportunities and compensations, job sharing, part time and contractual employment with their job analysis more sensitivity to the growing need for policies, procedure to eliminate sexual harassment, conflicts and their resolution, work place negativity etc..

On top of this, global nature of big organisations does not help in efficiently scheduling resources.

Resources are more mobile than ever, this is good from operational point of view but a night mare for a resource coordinator, as they have to keep real time record or resource engagements and future commitments.

For moving forward all these issues need to be addressed, as these are a barrier in high performance work practices. Environmental scanning, anticipation and flexible, foresighted and Strategic deployment of resources is the key to ensure effective and efficient use of human talent to accomplish organizational goals and to gain that edge of advantage over competitors which makes the company not good but great.

Using modern day resource scheduling software that can manage different types of resources and show informative reports can also help to a great extent.

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