Advanced Filters in eResource Scheduler

In our recent update, i.e. in eResource Scheduler 4.0.0 we have introduced new options in advanced filters. These filters would help the business owners to make the search of resources, they have been looking for, more easy and specific from the horde of resources.
Resource Screen:  Advanced filters of resource screen allow managers or business owners to filter all the resources as per resource start date, end date of resource, start date or end date of resource and start date & end date of resource. These 4 additional options would make the search more genuine and relative. By this, managers will be able to search for the exact resource which fits into the requirement. Now managers do not need to bother about searching the right resource for the right project, eRS will do this for you with just few clicks.

Scheduling Chart:  A new filter added into booking chart which permits you to search employees or resources of a particular project manager. Overloaded Bookings Only is one such filter that can make many things easy for the owners, it filters out bookings of only those resources which are over booked. Both these filters can be used either individually or simultaneously.

Utilization Screen:  Do you find it difficult to check the utilization or availability of resources which are active throughout the year? Ah, you may be in luck because we have introduced a new filter by which one can have the visibility of active resources in a particular date range. It make planning of resources much easier.

You can find out some more filters which will make your search more directive towards your requirements.

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