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Proper Resource Planning

The nature of projects and tasks in the modern businesses demands that it is of paramount importance to make sure that all players in a particular project fits in with the projects programs. In order to enhance high efficiency and cost reductions, manual scheduling of tasks has become old fashioned and can no longer work. As such it is important to ensure that a project manager needs to assign the right resources to the right project. This requires resource planning system.

These software have been designed with configurable collaborative resource scheduling tools to help you schedule your resources effectively in a particular project. With them, you will be able to efficiently plan, schedule & manage resources. Facilitate financial reports, drag & drop scheduling, forecasting reports, etc.

Resource planning software connects your Financial Accounting package (ERP) at the back end and your CRM systems at the front end. This gives a chance to effectively bridge your planning and execution gaps to acquire complete control and visibility over your entire business projects.

Improve Project Delivery

Good software will have comprehensive project management applications to ensure your service delivery and business projects are more effective and efficient. From de-risking to effective planning of projects as well as scheduling resources, good resource planning software enables you to continually refine and optimize your projects and service delivery processes.

Advanced billing and Contract Management

Effective project management software has its service resource planning applications created from the ground up alongside some of the leading professional service organizations functions including the most configurable and robust contract management and billing system available.

Business Visibility

A resource planning software comes with a fully integrated project resource planning applications that ensure alienates you from any worries regarding consolidating some deciphering facts or another spread sheet and figures that might be presented in emails. A resource planning software will be able to receive real time visibility into some key metrics that constitutes to the success of your PSO including cost, resource demand, utilization, capability, revenue, shortfalls, billing milestones, budgets and profitability.


A resource planning integration system ensures that you can comfortably connect to the most common ERP, CRM and finance systems. Even if your integration needs are for real time updates, batch transfer or data imports, a resource planning software offers numerous integration options to ensure you successful interchange your data.

Optimize Resource Usage

Software has an intuitive resource planning application that enables you to effectively manage your project’s resource capability through maintaining optimal staff levels, prioritizing resources and in gaining real time visibility of chargeable and productive utilization.

Forecasting and Financial Management

Software will enable you to accurately predict the future of your business which is vital to the continuity, success and an improved effectiveness and efficiency of any business entity. The comprehensive forecasting and financial management features enables you to accurately measure and predict future costs, revenue as well as profitability.

If you have a business that is projects intensive and you have many balls hovering in the air (which business doesn’t?), then you might want to take a planning software out for a spin.

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