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eResource Scheduler uses the same setup for trial as well as paid versions of the software. License key defines whether the software is being used for trial or as licensed version.

Tip: If you are trying / evaluating eResource Scheduler, then we strongly recommend that you do so with your actual data (actual resource names, projects, bookings), so that if you end up upgrading to paid licensed version, then you can simply apply the new license key on the same database and don’t have to restore a fresh database and build your data all over again.

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Download Time: Approx 5 minutes on high speed connection.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and unzip eResource Scheduler Setup folder.

  2. Run ‘Setup.exe‘from the folder. It will install ‘eRS Installation Manager’ on PC.

  3. Once installed, run ‘eRS Installation Manager’ from desktop or program list in start menu.

  4. ‘eRS Installation Manager’ offers following 3 installation types…
  • Full Installation: Select this option if you want to use eResource Scheduler in a single user environment. E.g. Trial on single PC. This option will install both eResource Scheduler application and database on your PC.
  • Application Setup:Select this option if you just want to install eResource Scheduler application on PC. Note: In multi-user environment, eResource Scheduler application has to be installed on PCs of all the users.
  • Database Setup:Select this option if you just want to install / restore fresh eResource Scheduler database. Note: In multi-user environment, database should be hosted on a server machine. User PCs should be able to connect to server machine through a network (LAN, WAN, VPN, Internet).

Select the required installation type and proceed.

  1. Once the installation part is complete and you start the application for the first time, application will prompt for a license key. Use the trial license key provided in trial information email.

  2. After activating the license key, you will see application login window. Use default Login ID ‘admin‘ and password ‘password‘ to login with full administrator rights.

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