How to Successfully Manage Resources Across Multiple Projects?

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Running multiple projects at one time requires the ability to effectively manage resources. This not only demonstrates your ability to perform but also highlights your willingness to compete in the market.

Multiple projects in hand also imply that you require more manpower, more inventory, precise resource allocations, resource planning, scheduling resources, project prioritization, project detailing, and consistent evaluation of the performances. True? Of course, if you are keen to look up towards increasing your market value, you need to bag more projects.

Handling more than one project at a time will need you to check project overlap. Through project management scheduling, you will be able to avert any possibility of time overlap. Suppose you have two of your valuable resources working on different projects, coinciding demands can create trouble for you.

It can affect the outputs for both projects and that is one thing you do not want to compromise, right? Replace your worries with workload scheduling tools that can save efforts and prevent your employees from being overworked.

Does the fact of handling or working on multiple projects irk your temper? Does that affect the performances of your team or you? If you want things to go smoothly you should equip your company with some skills and tools.

You would also have to learn the management of multiple projects at work. Let us see first ways to manage multiple tasks at work.

How to Manage Multiple Tasks at Work?

Task Management

When you have too much in hand but are confused about how to take everything forward, you should have a plan. Remember always, to plan with patience.

Here is how you can manage resources for multiple tasks at work:

  1. Identify the tasks to have to complete and make a list of each.
  2. Establish the number of resources you would need or will have to hire.
  3. Prioritize the list of jobs you have to accomplish.
  4. Work scheduling for all the resources.
  5. Plan resource allocation.
  6. Use a task management checklist.
  7. Schedule time tracking.
  8. Evaluate performance.

Nowadays, companies choose employees who are competitive and can perform under stress. The resources are put to work on more than one project at a time. Depending on the fierce demand for skills, this situation is very common in large enterprises. Managing resources across multiple projects is no new challenge.

Based on the skills required, you pick up the resource but guess what will happen when there is another impromptu project which you have to deliver. This can be a real-time challenge when you have to select resources.

You know in your mind, that resources that are talented can do that task for the company and will deliver high-quality work. But you are also aware that these are the resources that are already overbooked.

This is when you need to distribute the work evenly and bring everything to par Resource planning will save your valuable assets from burning out. But how would you do that?

Here Are 7 Tips to Manage Resources Across Multiple Projects:

1. Avoid overlaps

Try to avoid overlaps because they can affect the concentration of one project. You can schedule the resources depending on the time duration required by one project.

It will save your employee's energy and they will not have to multitask. Make sure that not a single stage of the project coincides with that of the other one.

Ultimately, you will observe that your team is more productive and deliver high-quality outputs.

2. Plan for the peak demand times.

The project you start working on will demand maximum during the building, delivery, and testing stage. Keeping this peculiarity in mind, you can plan the project work schedule.

It will help you to manage the busy times when you have more than one project at a time but occupied resources who have to perform.

You can prioritize the projects depending on their delivery dates. This will help you manage the resources so that you don't have to put the same resource in two different places.

3. Use Workload Scheduling Tools

Take the benefit of the workload scheduling tools that can be used anytime online to manage multiple projects. It will help you generate reports to back your decisions regarding scheduling resources and task management.

With the scheduling tools, it gets easy to see how much project remains and to whom you can assign more work.

The tool will help you put all the teams under your scan, making project management convenient for you.

4. Work in tandem with project managers

Different teams headed by different project managers may have their rates of work. They might have a different action plan according to their deliverables.

A resource may be working in two teams helping with both projects. Under one manager, it is better but with the two, getting the work done can be a challenge.

For resource scheduling, you should work in tandem with other project managers. Share your plan with them and understand theirs to know the status of the availability of the manage resources.

resource scheduling and utilization

5. Monitor by scheduling time tracking

Many times, employees have to work on more than one project depending on the demand of the company. If that is the situation, it is relevant to monitor their performance by scheduling time tracking.

You can use different software tools that will help you record the time spent by the employees on tasks or projects.

These time-tracking software tools can be integrated with the project management software to evaluate the output. Scheduling time tracking will provide you with details on cost overruns for fixed-cost projects.

You will be able to fetch details on the time off the employee must have taken, task management, human resource issues, and absences.

6. Go for the right level of scheduling.

When you assign workload to the employees, be sure that you are on the right level of scheduling. You cannot assign or expect 100% efficiency from the employees.

You need to bear in mind the workload of the employees distributed across multiple projects.

You should understand that the resources will take time off and that is completely normal. Mind this fact when you expect the delivery of the project and are scheduling resources.

7. Use Dashboards

Using a dashboard will give you an idea of how many employees are engaged in different projects. It will give you instant details on spots that take the maximum time of the employees

You can use the same or different dashboards of different projects to manage resources across multiple projects.

As a project manager, you may experience many highs and lows. You may face situations when allocating resources across multiple projects could be just one of the situations.

Another factor could be the task to manage resources for multiple projects with competing deadlines.

Let us now consider an event in which you have received multiple projects with chasing deadlines. This can bring a dispute of performance in multiple projects which you would not want

Hence, you need to explore ways to manage projects with close deadlines.

How do Manage Resources for Multiple Projects With Competing Deadlines?

Project management

Managing busy workloads can be a cumbersome activity. Bear in mind demands that may arise during the project.

The challenges can get intense when the deadlines are very close. Here are the ways you can learn to manage multiple projects with competing deadlines:

  • Break the workload: When you divide the workload into small projects, you are more motivated to complete your jobs. You can check and evaluate performance at each level making the overall project a big hit.
  • Prepare a list of all the tasks in multiple projects: Pull out details of each task you need to complete in multiple projects. It will make monitoring very easy for you.
  • List the urgent and important tasks: You need to identify, out of the tasks you have listed, which ones will be urgent and which ones are important. Urgent will be the work that is not completed, you will not be able to progress. Whereas important are the jobs, which you cannot avoid because that will impact the performance of the project.
  • Minimize deviations and distractions: Try and minimize the deviations from work. Reduce distractions that can affect your business. You will have to pull out the strength to manage other jobs like meetings also. Rope in email tools to send automated replies to customers so that you do not lose business.
  • Stick to the working hours but work extra, if possible: Sticking to the working hours will give an idea to the employees that they cannot take a chance with the deadlines. Try to carve excellence within the stipulated because you will have no room for changes.
  • Don't burden and take adequate breaks so that the quality of the work is also not affected.
  • Take care of mental health: Take care of yourself as well as your employees' mental health. Deadlines are important but more than that quality benchmarks are taller. You can engage them in some activities during break time. It keeps them motivated, focused, and positive for performance.

No one knows the pain in the process of project management when multiple projects have competing deadlines and each needs apt resource scheduling.

It is only the project managers who bear the pressure to manage varied projects with available resources. They possess the talent to organize multiple projects at work.

If you want to know ways how to handle multiple projects at work, here are some tips and tricks for you:

How to Organize Multiple Projects at Work?

Project management is not a cakewalk. It is about evaluating performances when you are juggling with your duties.

You need to push hard because the company has invested in some budget. That is when an effective project's work schedule and task management come into play.

Let us discuss how you can organize multiple projects at work. As a project manager, here are 7 ways you may practice organizing results from multiple projects at work:

1. Prioritize jobs:

When you know the way only then you will be able to traverse it. Right? You must prioritize jobs and pay attention to their completion.

As a project manager, you must know which tasks are first in demand and that will affect the organization. Pick those first and execute them.

2. Stay Focused:

Balancing will take a ride on your skills to tune all the projects towards completion. You need to stay focused, divide time, and monitor consistently to reach breakthrough performance.

3. Divide jobs:

Don't drag everything and bear all the jobs on your shoulders. You cannot be a one-man army when it comes to multiple projects.

It is also about the company's worth in the market which can get tarnished if you do not divide jobs amongst the team members.

4. Keep communication clear:

Effective and clear communication both up and down the line in a team will make jobs easy. When you have multiple projects on your plate, create an open space to share ideas.

It will help you remove hassles from the projects. When communication is open, the entire team will know about the problems and solutions.

5. Chart a robust action plan:

Chart out a robust action plan that can absorb any changes or modifications, if need be. You must have in your thoughts a project completion plan and another one should be a contingency plan.n.

Do keep in space for break time because working endlessly can affect the work quality.

6. Make use of resource scheduling tools:

Use resource scheduling software to allocate resources across multiple projects. Keep an update on what is going on in the company. Use the system-generated reports to fill in the gaps in the performances.

7. Use eResource Scheduler project management software:

Accommodate as many projects as possible using the eResource Scheduler software. You can easily track and trace the performance of the team members.

Use the charts from the tools to visually see progress through multiple charts, graphs, and graphic illustrations.

Project management scheduling to handle multiple projects in your company will be beneficial for you. It will put across to you all actions, milestones, and standard deliverables.

The idea is to assist your execution to finish and start multiple projects in your company that have competent deadlines.

Resource allocations can buy you plenty of time to manage multiple projects. All you have to do is use workload scheduling tools for resource planning.

You would need an extensive database for scheduling resources and getting the projects compiled faster. Modern-day tools have made project management scheduling hassle-free for covering-up greater milestones within the industry.

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