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Employee scheduling software

Employee scheduling software is an important part of running your business. Most businesses still use traditional methods to schedule their employees and track them through inefficient ways that create hassles in the longer term. In this blog, we will talk about the importance of resource allocation software and also list down the top 10 scheduling apps for 2024.

Managing employees can be a big burden when you have a large team. There are a lot of instances when businesses face challenges related to overscheduling or not assigning the right task to the resource based on his/her skillset, which might lead to project failures. To address such challenges, use a resource management software. It can help you meet business goals and project deliverables while managing and monitoring resources effectively.

Employee Scheduling Software is a way to digitally schedule employees, track employee shifts, and manage alignment resources to the company's goals. Scheduling platforms can also improve team communication, generate labor reports, and ensure projects get completed on time.

What is Employee Scheduling Software?

A powerful tool that helps businesses create and manage employee schedules to run the business efficiently with proper planning while keeping in consideration various aspects related to resources. This type of software can be used to track employee availability, create shift patterns, and track time off requests.

These days, resource scheduling software comes with many features targeted toward bundling solutions that can be useful for both businesses and employees. The various features of scheduling software are timesheet management, shift planning, payroll management, resource reporting, resource availability, etc.

Why do you need Employee Scheduling Software?

Employee Scheduling is one of the major parts when it comes to managing a business efficiently. With scheduling software, you can easily create and manage employee schedules. You can track employee hours, assign shifts, and manage vacation and sick days. This can help you to improve efficiency and productivity in your business. Employee scheduling software can also help you to save time and money.

How Employee Scheduling Software Can Help Your Business?

How employee scheduling software can help your business?

The employee scheduling software is designed to cater to the specific needs of businesses in terms of managing resources in a better way. It might differ in terms of operations for different companies, as every company has a different time schedule and different requirements to manage resources. So, having the right kind of resource scheduling software can be a boon for your business.

Here are some of the benefits of using a scheduling tool for your business:

Timesheet management software

Automates resource scheduling:

The tool automates leaves, calculates overtime, time shifts, etc for all the resources spread out in different locations, efficiently so that the manager can get a clear view of the availability of the resource. It also notifies and creates time schedules based on resource availability to accelerate resource management in an efficient manner. Automated scheduling saves time, money, and resources.

Improves Productivity:

With a scheduling software, a resource or project manager no longer has to spend time on calls or go through endless email chains to schedule or change shifts. Scheduling software tracks employee availability and workload in real-time. This allows managers to see who's available for upcoming tasks, avoid conflicts and ensure projects are staffed effectively.

The simple drag and drop functionality helps schedule shifts, and make shift swaps. Employees are instantly notified of the changes so they are always working on the most pressing tasks and everyone is on the same page.

Reduces labor costs:

A shift planning software will also highlight the cost per resource assigned. Based on this data, you can control labor costs. The software also allows you to compare schedules, track time, and identify if there are instances of unnecessary overtime occurring. The time tracking feature helps to reconcile timesheets accurately.

Creates visibility into resource pool:

With a scheduling tool, you can ditch the spreadsheet and scattered emails and get all the employee information through a centralized platform. At first glance, managers can understand the strengths and limitations of their workforce, including hourly employees and remote teams.

Speeds up employee scheduling and tracking process:

Through automation, the scheduling process speeds up and this saves time for everyone involved. Employees can access their work schedule through their mobile devices. They can swap shifts or request time off. All changes will be sent through immediate push notifications.

Managers, on the other hand, can put an advance notice about future project requirements, compare wage costs, and access sales forecasts through the app.

Enhances Team Communication and Collaboration:

Employees gain more transparency and control over their work schedule with an employee management tool. They can request shifts and projects they like, manage a work-life balance, and also see how their role fits into the bigger, organizational goal. This visibility fosters trust and bonding. When employees feel safe and secure, they are more willing to open up and collaborate with others.

The software also reduces the time wasted playing phone tag to find a shift replacement. Through the software, they are empowered to find solutions themselves. Employees can even set advance notices about their work schedule, so managers can accommodate those requests.

What is the best app for scheduling employees in 2024?

What is the best employee scheduling app in the market? That is a loaded question. It depends on what your business is looking for. But we've made things here, here's a list of the 10 best employee scheduling software for 2024.

1. eRS Cloud - eResource Scheduler

eResource Scheduler (eRS) is a cloud-based resource scheduling software helping businesses optimize their resource utilization by offering them a centralized solution focused on managing resources, capacity planning, project scheduling, etc. With eRS, organizations can improve visibility into project schedules, identify potential resource conflicts, and make better-informed decisions about resource allocation. It also offers an integrated suite of tools for resource managers, including a real-time resource utilization dashboard, project portfolio management, and resource utilization reporting.

Forecasting model presents upcoming pipeline projects and their demands which help identify resource shortages or skill gaps in advance. This enables management to make strategic decisions on hiring and training staff.

Employee scheduling software

2. Monday.com


Monday.com is a flexible resource scheduling software that offers attractive and easy to read visuals of weekly schedules. With access to over 200+ templates, it provides a visual interface that makes it easy to see team availability and how they are being utilized. Managers can also easily track resource utilization metrics through a calendar format or Gantt chart.

Monday.com is a valuable tool for any organization that needs to optimize its resource usage. The tool also offers integration with common productivity tools like Google Docs, Zapier, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.

3. Paycor


Paycor Resource Scheduling Software automates the process of scheduling resources for businesses more dynamically and flexibly. It allows businesses to set up rules and preferences for how resources should be scheduled. This can save businesses a lot of time and effort, as they no longer need to manually schedule resources. Additionally, the software can also help in routine tasks related to onboarding, payroll, reporting, etc.

4. OnTheClock


OnTheClock resource scheduling software is a simple and effective tool to build and share schedules. The program offers time-off tracking, resource scheduling, and lots more in a single software. It even lets you record the location of employees along with time-tracking functionality to ensure business compliance and avoid unnecessary overtime expenditures. OnTheClock comes with the option to integrate with popular accounting solutions and payroll providers like QuickBooks and ADP.

5. OpenSimSim


OpenSimSim is resource management software that helps hospitality companies better manage their workforce. This staff scheduling software provides a centralized platform for managing employee availability, shift patterns, and vacation requests. OpenSimSim comes with a Team Messaging option to improve team communication and collaboration. between managers and employees and to make it easier to identify and resolve staffing issues. It can also help small businesses with processing payroll.

6. Rotageek


​​Rotageek offers one-click auto scheduling that will help you create schedules a breeze. It is one of the smartest workforce software that can be used to manage shift time patterns with multiple scheduling options. It can also be used to complete shift trades, track open shifts, and improve team communication.

7. Tanda


Tanda is an effective staff scheduling software that analyzes and puts resources in the right place while evaluating where the resources are required the most. It is the perfect tool to build workforce roasters without any hassles with features like- dashboard metrics, applicant tracking, automation, etc.

8. QuickBooks Time Tracking Software

QuickBooks Time Tracking Software

QuickBooks Time Tracking Software for Resource Scheduling is a cloud-based time tracking and resource scheduling software that allows you to manage a modern workforce. With Quickbooks, businesses can make better decisions about resource allocation without facing any challenges. The dashboard has robust reporting metrics, like labor reports, as well as an easy interface that allows you to build schedules, track availability, and publish schedules. It also allows employees to see their open shift, swap shifts, drop shifts, and request time off through a mobile app.

9. Factorial


Factorial is another efficient scheduling app that lets businesses empower their employees to perform time tracking, time management, shift management, etc. It also lets employees track their performance through effective data analysis and management features built into the application. It can also work as an end-to-end resource planning tool that can offer expense tracking and payroll integration. Overall, Factorial is a one-stop solution for managing various aspects related to resources.

10. Homebase


Homebase rounds off our list of resource scheduling and managing time scheduling for teams. This software lets you effectively manage resources, optimizes scheduling, and improves overall business operations. There are built-in schedule templates that you can use to create interactive work roasters based upon resource scheduling effectively and efficiently. The in-app notification and scheduling feature in the app keeps resources updated about their shift schedule through push notifications, text messages, and reminders.

How do I choose the best scheduling software?

Do you find yourself wondering, "What's the best employee scheduling app?" When there are so many free employee scheduling app in the market, how do you decide what is the right fit? Here are some of the prompts to help you better on this:

  • Ask Questions Related to Your Business: You need to consider the specific needs of your business and ask yourself a few questions. What kind of business are you running? How many employees/resources do you need to manage? What are their schedules like? Once you have a good understanding of your business's needs, you can start evaluating different software options and choose the one that fits your expectations.

  • Check for Reviews & Testimonials: Once you have gone through the list of the best employee scheduling softwares, read online reviews, talk to other business owners, and get a feel for what each option has to offer. Narrow down your options and start comparing prices.

  • Features and Functionalities: Scheduling tools come with a lot of features and you need to evaluate which features might be apt per your business scenarios. Some of the most relevant features to check for are:

Employee scheduling software

FAQs about employee scheduling apps

Here are some of the most commonly addressed questions around free employee scheduling apps, answered.

How much does an employee scheduling app cost?

The cost of an employee scheduling app can vary based on the number of resources managed and features provided. It also depends on how you opt to pay for the software-a monthly payment or an annual subscription.

eRS costs $5 per resource for the scheduling module, if you sign up on a monthly basis. You can avail more discounts if you subscribe for their annual plan.

How do I create a work schedule for my employees?

While you can schedule employees using a paper or Google calendar, even an Excel-based calendar, it's not the most efficient way to go about the scheduling process. The paper and Excel-based methods have to be manually changed and one might not be seeing an up to date schedule. It's easier to create schedules and control labor costs by using a scheduling system like an employee scheduling app, HR software, or resource management software.

Some tips to keep in mind while you build an employee schedule are:

  1. Consider employee shift preferences, skill sets, time off requests, and labor costs

  2. Analyze the workload to ensure enough people are available to fill shifts

  3. Invest in a scheduling tool to manage availability, ensure there are no scheduling conflicts, send automated shift reminders, and track employee hours.

  4. Set up a communication system to ensure fairness

  5. Involve employees in the scheduling process

What is the best free scheduling app?

As highlighted earlier, there is no one best scheduling app. It boils down to what your business needs. However, we'd like to bring your attention back to eRS, one of the top resource management solutions in the market. At an affordable rate, eRS will be able to manage employee time efficiently, reduce labor costs, and improve team communication.

Build schedules within a few minutes with eRS. Focus on what's most important. Sign up for a consult today!

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