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Time-Tracking using Timecards

Capture actual time spent by resources on projects, tasks and non-project work using in-built timesheet management module.

Timesheet entry made quick, easy and efficient

Multiple Options to Fill Timesheets

Timesheet can be entered manually, can be imported using CSV, can be pre-filled automatically using scheduling data and can also be pulled in using our open REST API.

Automatic or manual timesheet approvals

Color Codes for Easy Identification

Our timesheet management software shows draft, submitted, approved, and rejected entries in different colors for easy identification and processing.

Get visibility of actual time spent on projects

Configurable Timesheets Settings

Timesheet settings can be configured at global, resource and project levels, this makes our timesheet module extremely configurable and productive in different environments.

Configure timesheet settings at global level, resource and project level

Automated & Manual Approval

Define automatic approval for some resources and manual for others, as required. This flexibility allows efficient use of timesheet module by employees of all levels.

Manual or automatic approvals

Approval Screen thats Informative & Efficient

Information about all timesheet entries on a single screen facilitates informed decision-making. Use powerful filters and views to identify important information and user features like bulk processing to save time and increase efficiency

Timesheet entry made quick, easy and efficient
Timesheet entry made quick, easy and efficient
Timesheet entry made quick, easy and efficient

Approval Workflow

Configure entry, approval and view rights at any level (resource, project, team, department etc.). Flexible permissions make our timesheet software / module apt for organizations of all types and sizes.

Track workflow approval with timesheet management software

Dedicated Time Tracking Report

Timesheet report depicts actual time spent by resources on different projects, tasks and non-project work. View reports from different perspectives (resource, project, role, etc.), and generate graphs to easily interpret timesheet data.

Time tracking software

Planned v/s Actual Reporting

Detailed reports such as Planned vs actual utilization and availability provide actionable insights by comparing scheduled effort v/s actual effort at different levels and highlights gaps and leakages.

Identify gaps and leakages using planned v/s actual reports

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