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Visualizing Schedules with Gantt Charts

Convinient and easy to understand Gantt chart allows quickly viewing existing schedules by resource and projects along with availability.

Availability figures on scheduling chart

Identify Qualified Resources

eRS boasts comprehensive filters that assist in identifying qualified resources quickly & easily using custom details captured in resource forms e.g. roles, skills, certificates, qualifications etc. Flexibility is built-in eRS resource scheduling software.

Filters to identify resource for scheduling

Real-Time Resource Availability

Scheduling chart displays resource availability that gets updated in real-time with creation and modification of schedules. Availability information allows identification of resources as per project requirements and ensures that only adequately available resources are scheduled for project work.

Availability figures on scheduling chart cloud version

Drag n Drop Scheduling

eRS resource scheduling software makes it easy to schedule resources on projects and tasks using simple drag n drop feature. Effortlessly expand, shorten and re-assign bookings across resources.

Resource Overload Indicator

Real-time visibility of project demand and resource capacity to avoid resource overloads. Our resource planning software helps reorder assignments based on overload indicators, instantly triggered by altering an existing booking or creating a new one.

Scheduling software with instant overload Cloud-Version

Schedule in Day, Month & Hour View

Flexibility to schedule resources in different views. Hour view for intra-day bookings, day-view for assignments that span across several days and month-view for assignments that span across several weeks and months.

View information on scheduling bar cloud Version

Small Features that Make a Big Difference

Our resource management software takes care of the details and addresses ground level resource scheduling issues faced by real-life resource coordinators and managers.

Split Bookings

Split bookings with a single click to accommodate last-minute alterations, inclusions, and transfers.

Different scheduling perspectives

Different Scheduling Perspectives

Visualize and schedule from diverse perspectives: resource, project, manager, client, etc. Admin-defined scheduling views or user-defined views to suit individual requirements.


Swiftly create multiple copies of a booking with the same attributes on the same resource or multiple resources using the copy / cut / paste feature.

Detail information at a Glance

Information at a Glance

Information visible on the booking bar can be configured for quick access i.e. Project Name, Task, Role to be performed, etc.

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