Automotive Company Resolves Resource Selection & Utilization Issues

Automotive Company Manages Resources using eResource Scheduler

Company Background

Client organization is a big multinational automotive company involved in design, development, manufacturing, marketing and selling of automobiles all around the world. This company has its branches in 20 countries and more than 15,000 employees are working in different teams, offices and countries.


Client organization has multiple design and research & development centers across the world, these centers employ hundreds of design, electrical & mechanical engineers who design new automobiles and test them against different performance, quality and safety standards.

Primary challenge for project managers responsible for developing new designs was finding resources with the right qualification and experience for their projects and getting them allocated on their projects. This was easier said than done because resources are spread across different offices / countries and often work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Second challenge was to measure resource availability and utilization to ensure that resources are not overburdened but at the same time are utilized to optimum level. This was important as client organization’s internal research showed that overutilization of human resources lead to significant decrease in efficiency and motivation.

These issues were being caused because there was no centralized resource management software that could help in identification and resource management in realtime.

Solution: New Resource Scheduling Process

Client organization started searching and evaluating multiple resource management tools and came across ENBRAUN’s eResource Scheduler. Client organization first opted for an obligation free web demo and then proceeded to multiuser trial with database hosted on ENBRAUN’s web server.

During evaluation, different office managers were made users and they added resources based in their offices along with their skills, qualifications and experience in ENBRAUN’s resource management software.

This created a central database of resources that could be accessed by users across the organization and helped in easily identifying resources based on their skills, qualification and experience. Once identified, eRS resource management software’s scheduling chart allowed scheduling resources on projects by a simple drag n drop. This brought all users on the same page as all users knew where all the resources are scheduled and when are they available.

Availability and utilization reports provided accurate numbers at all levels, resources, teams, departments, offices etc. This helped in ensuring that resources are optimally utilized while not being overbooked.

This information was very useful for client organization and thus they choose to move forward with eResource Scheduler.


  • Accurate profiling of all the resources of organization.
  • Easy identification of resources as per their skills and attributes.
  • Full visibility of allocated resources along with their utilization & availability.
  • Utilization report with different formats and graphs to allow easy analysis of utilisation & availability of resources.
  • Financials report for evaluating financial aspects of the organization.
  • Efficient and on-time project delivery with minimal cost and optimal utilization of resources.

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