eRS Helped in Better Project Resource Management

Case Study on use of eResource Scheduler in Conglomerate Company

Company Background

Client organization is a multinational conglomerate company that produces a variety of commercial and consumer products for a broad variety of customers. Company has its presence in over 70 countries and more than 1,20,000 employees are working at different sites under different departments and teams.


With the presence of more than 1,20,000 employees, main challenge faced by managers was that they were not able to analyze utilization of employees working on different projects.

There was no centralized system on which information of all employees could be stored. Resource managers were unable to compare planned and actual utilization of employees; therefore company wasn’t getting maximum utilization from its resources. Without knowing actual availability, scheduling employees on more projects was overloading them and affecting their performance.

Because of the absence of a centralized system, managers were not able to utilize their resources properly and therefore company was suffering with many issues including project delays, work imbalance, demotivated employees, customer dissatisfaction, fall in revenue etc.

Solution: New Resource Scheduling Process

Client organization required a centralized project resource management software that can help them in resource planning, allocation and can provide in-depth utilization report of their resources. After evaluating several software, they opted ENBRAUN’s project resource planning & management tool – eResource Scheduler.

After implementation of eRS, they had seen significant changes at all levels of organization. Now all resources can be viewed and managed across projects in a single software. Detailed utilization report helps managers to view planned and actual utilization of every employee in different views (daily, weekly, monthly) and different units (hours, %, days). They can easily compare planned vs actual utilization of employees on different projects. Utilization report is a 2-in-1 report which also shows availability data of resources.

Hence eResource Scheduler is continually helping the organization to grow faster by maximizing utilization of employees and improving overall efficiency.


  • Accurate profiling and management of every organizational resource in one system.
  • Filters for easy identification of required resource or project based on various attributes.
  • Full visibility of resources along with their current bookings, utilization and availability on single screen.
  • Optimum utilization of resources at all levels.
  • Work load balancing.
  • Better analysis of overall as well as project-wise utilization of resource with the help of charts.
  • Easy identification of under and over utilized resources using color coding.

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