eResource Scheduler in Gaming & Entertainment

Case Study on use of eRS - Resource Scheduling Tool

Company Background

Client Organization is one of the large & emerging gaming and entertainment company in the world. This US-based gaming company develops and publishes games as well as operates social games on live services over social networking sites. Its games have players worldwide and more than 9,000 employees are working across the world.


Client Organization manages big number of gaming projects of different genres at different offices. Resource coordinators allocate resources on projects based on requirements defined on projects by project managers. Resource & non-resource cost and revenue is calculated for every project across offices to calculate overall cost and revenue at organization level.

First challenge was for Project managers, as they needed to go through a long process to get resources allocated to their projects. Whenever project managers required any resource, they had to go and consult resource managers to allocate resources. Process was bureaucratic and took time.

Second challenge for project managers was to calculate cost and revenue for every project, so that they can calculate overall cost and revenue for all projects within an office and calculate contribution to revenue and profit at organization level. It took lot of time to calculate cost and revenue figures across offices to get overall cost & revenue for the organization.

These issues were creating confusion for the organization.

Solution: New Resource Scheduling Process

Client organization started to search for resource scheduling software that could help resolve these issues. They evaluated ‘eResource Scheduler’ and found that it could address their requirements in an efficient and accurate manner.

During evaluation, they found that eRS allows project managers to define resource requirements for their projects by using a simple drag n drop feature on requirement chart or by manual add option. Once resource requirements are added, they are visible on booking chart. This information helps resource coordinator to identify and schedule resources on projects. Gap report compares requirement and schedule to identify and highlight resource shortages and excess on projects. This ensures that all projects are properly staffed at all times.

Ability to define cost & billing rate at resource, project and booking level allows accurate calculation of financial figures for projects as well as resources, these figures are reported on financial reports. Financial data can also be viewed at office level or at organization level for better analysis and decision making.


  • Resource requirement feature allowed project managers to define resource requirements within eRS tool.
  • Resource requirement feature quickly communicated requirements to resource coordinator and provided all information for resource identification and scheduling.
  • Financial reports provided accurate cost, revenue, profit figures at resource, project, office and organizational level.

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