eResource Scheduler in Construction Based Company

Case Study on use of eRS - Resource Planning Tool

Company Background

Client organization is one of UK’s top constructing company and its expertise is in designing and construction. It operates in different regions with huge network of offices and departments and more than 80,000 employees are spread in different countries of the world.


As construction company is resource driven with huge number of resources, primary challenge faced by client organization was that it was unable to properly profile resources, thus was not able to identify right resources using attributes such as certifications, experience, location for scheduling on projects.

Whatever limited profiling was done, was in excel and was not shared with the other project managers working across different locations, resulting in some resources to be over utilized and others to be under-utilized.

Secondly, lack of a proper tool to capture actual time spent lead to inaccurate calculation of actuals, mis-information and resulted poor planning.

Solution: New Resource Scheduling Process

Client’s organization came to know about our project resource planning tool ‘eResource Scheduler’ through an online search. They undertook an unrestricted free trial of our software to evaluate it against their requirements. They requested free demo and when they were satisfied that eRS fulfilled all their requirements, they decided to move ahead with eResource Scheduler with their database hosted on ENBRAUN’s web server.

eRS facilitated creating custom attributes like experience, qualification, professional certification etc. These attributes allowed capturing all resource related information in eRS application. As eRS is a multiuser application, this information was automatically shared with all users across offices. Now project managers were easily able to identify resources using filters related to resource attributes and scheduled right resource on projects.

eResource Schedule has inbuilt Timesheets module that allows accurate capturing of actual time spent on projects by resources. Thus facilitated proper comparison of planned vs actual and allowed improvements in future planning.


  • Proper profiling of resources with the help of custom defined attributes.
  • Sharing of resource information across offices.
  • Easy identification of resources based on their profiles.
  • Accurate capturing of time spent on projects.
  • Side by side comparison of planned and actual data, leading to efficient future planning.

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