Why You Need a Work Scheduling App for Small Businesses

Work Scheduling App

Small business owners looking for a more efficient way to manage their team's schedules should consider using a work scheduling app. With the increasing digitization and cloud technology, automating daily operations has never been easier. Streamline your communication and increase productivity with our easy-to-use work scheduling app. Sign up for free today!

Scheduling is one of the most beneficial activities to automate. Are you still using a spreadsheet or pen and paper? It's time to use work scheduling app instead.

All the information you need is available here if you are seeking a way to automate your schedule so that staff may work uninterrupted for extended periods.

What is a work scheduling app?

Apps for work schedules are tools that increase productivity and efficiency at work. They are a fantastic way to make employee schedules. They are accessible, flexible, and intuitive. With some applications, users can even clock in and out. Most scheduling software enables staff to manage time-off requests and coordinate shift swaps.

Benefits of work schedule apps

Use a work scheduling app for your company that does not yet have your full support. Let us now encourage you.

The main benefits of using a work schedule app are time and money savings. With the help of a good work schedule app, scheduling will be quicker and more straightforward, giving you more time to focus on other work responsibilities.

Your bottom line is likely to improve if you concentrate on enhancing other areas of your company, such as marketing or the customer experience. Well, that is not easy to disagree with.

So how can scheduling get so much easier and quicker? The scheduling procedure is streamlined by using a work schedule app:

  • Make sure managers can schedule staff members for the same shift more than once or for jobs they aren't suitable for.
  • Ensuring you've allocated the right number of employees to each role and shift in your timetable.
  • Notify the manager if a worker's scheduled shift conflicts with their availability or a time-off request.
  • Informing you if an employee might be eligible for overtime pay during a specific week.
  • Enabling you to quickly alter the plan as needed, even after it has been completed and distributed to your team.
  • Ensuring everyone on staff knows if there is a schedule modification or update.

Many of these beneficial qualities make scheduling a molehill instead of a mountain.

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Why is it essential to have a work scheduling app for small businesses?

Maintaining a current and accurate staff schedule is crucial to any firm's efficient operation. The effectiveness of your company can be increased, which will ultimately increase its revenue, thanks to eResource Scheduler work scheduling app!

Listed below are just a few reasons why the work scheduling app has proven to be a boon to small businesses.

  1. Increase workplace efficiency
  2. Using scheduling software has many benefits, including improving workplace culture and efficiency. Creating schedules might take a lot of time for managers, but scheduling software streamlines and expedites the procedure.

    The work scheduling app improves the experience of the workforce as well as the management. Everyone benefits from transparency when the workforce clearly understands their timetable, preventing overwork. The correct tools will make it simple for employees to request time off and find a substitute.

  3. Makes payroll easier
  4. Resource scheduling software frequently has numerous features and can benefit small organizations. Payroll-related operations are one of its advantages. Payroll primarily refers to the firm paying its employees, and while this is a necessary business function, it can also be difficult and time-consuming.

    Organizing personnel information and pay might be complicated if employees work shifts (especially if unsociable hour compensation is involved) or the team is dispersed across several sites. Accounting staff might use work scheduling app to track which employees worked which shifts and the compensation they should receive. Also, bookkeepers can be reminded when their pay is due and when they should start organizing the process using work scheduling app.

    Select the appropriate scheduling software to make paying as simple as possible.

  5. Organize teams
  6. Small business entrepreneurs frequently need help with the problem of needing to be everywhere at once and never really taking time off. It's more complicated to keep everything operating smoothly at all times, but this is where the mobile scheduling app comes in help.

    Using a work scheduling app via a mobile app is very beneficial since it helps business owners promptly address any issues that emerge, whether they are in the office or not. A few of the critical functions of a scheduling app are

    • Share team schedules
    • Keep track of which employee is available
    • Approve requests
    • Share documents

    Using an app, you can avoid problems caused by managers or business owners who are unaware of or unable to handle issues as they emerge when they are not in the office.

  7. Keep the policies clear
  8. The fair treatment of all employees about leaves and other time off is ensured by effective scheduling. The management can review the schedule reports and decide on leaves in accordance with them. The system can specify how leave is handled, whether on a first-come or seniority basis, and it can also make your personnel aware of your company's policies.

  9. The work schedule app helps you achieve a competitive advantage
  10. If your scheduling includes innovative concepts like flex hours and remote work, you can still compete for and retain top talent who prioritize work/life balance over just salary. There is a possibility that your small business cannot compete with larger companies on wages and benefits, but you can do so by offering competitive pay and benefits.

Resource management allocation

eResource Scheduler- an incredible work scheduling app for small businesses

eRS is a powerful work scheduling app that many small business owners and significant companies prefer.

With eRS, it gets easier to schedule employees efficiently, generate insightful reports, optimize expenses, and more! Let's take a closer look at some amazing eRS features:

Key features:

  1. Top Features
    • Enterprise-wide resource visibility
    • Capture data with custom fields
    • Easy scheduling
    • Interactive scheduling feature
    • Measure and improve resource utilization
    • Capacity Reporting
    • Timesheet to track actuals
    • Financials to boost the bottom line
    • Configurable working calendars
    • Role-based access
    • Quick access to critical data
    • Seamless third-party integration
  2. Scheduling
    • Visualizing schedules with Gantt charts
    • Identify qualified resources
    • Real-time resource visibility
    • Drag-and-drop scheduling
    • Resource overload indicator
    • Schedule in month, day, and hour
  3. Timesheet
    • Time-tracking using time cards
    • Multiple options to fill the timesheet
    • Color codes for easy identification
    • Configurable settings
    • Automated and manual approval
    • Approval screens that are informative and efficient
    • Approval workflow
    • Dedicate time tracking reports
    • Planned v.s actual reporting
  4. Financials
    • Financial module for cost, revenue & profits
    • Rates at role, resource & project levels
    • Flexible rate selection
    • Financial reports
    • Configurable settings
  5. Management reports
    • Helps convert data into decisions
    • Highlight over & underutilized resources
    • Capacity Reporting
    • Cost, revenue & profit reporting
    • Timesheet reports
    • Planned v.s actual reporting


eRS offers a 14-day free trial that doesn't require any credit card information. The paid plan starts at $4/ user per month.

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