Top 10 Project Management Tips to Create an Effective Resource Management Plan

Top 10 Project Management Tips to Create an Effective Resource Management Plan

With the rise in competition, the need for an effective project management solution has gained the importance of accomplishing project goals and meeting set timelines and milestones, it is essential for project managers to efficiently organise the resources in order to ensure the successful execution of a project.

Let us deep-dive into the aspect of project management as it relates to project management and the tips you must follow to design an effective resource management plan.

What is Project Resource Management?

Project resource management refers to acquiring, allocating and deploying the resources based on their skills to meet the requirements of protecting various internal and external resources, for an organization, including people, finances, materials, machinery, and natural resources.

While working as a project manager, keeping track of all the resources is important, to avoid roadblocks. Project managers can plan more effectively if they know the kind of resources are needed for the current and future phases of the project. Available resources can be utilized efficiently, without overburdening them, and proactively acquire any missing resources ahead of time.

But if you are still unsure of how and in what way you can streamline your actions planning for project management, then these tips are for you.

Top 10 Project Management Tips to Create an Effective Resource Management Plan

Here are 10 project management tips for creating an effective resource management plan:

  • Establish the scope and the objective of the project.

Would you ever begin a journey without knowing the directions? You probably won't, and even if you plan to be adventurous, the probability of facing hurdles is higher. Situations like these might be possible in real life, however, it cannot be an option while working on projects.

This is why the first thing to begin, when you plan for resource management is defining the exact scope and objective of the project. Define each phase of the project, detailing the expected outcomes, a timeline of each phase, resources required and allotted budget. When the goals and guidelines are clearly specified, the chances of failure are eliminated.

  • Prepare a list of available as well as required resources

As soon as the objective and scope of the project are defined, determine the availability of resources. Depending on the goals and tasks of the project, prepare a detailed list of resources on the basis of their skills, occupancy, and work experience. Identify the resources to be procured, and the competencies which are missing. An indication of the availability of resources will also depict the absorption capacity of the number of projects you can work on in parallel.

  • Make a resource management plan

Coming down the pike, after working out the requirements of the resources, you must quickly make a resource management plan. Effective resource management entails matching your project's requirements with the resource best suited to meet them. A project manager must ensure the tasks assigned to the resource must match the resource's skillsets and that the resource has enough time to accomplish the project in the stipulated time. The efforts taken by the resources is directly proportional to the success of the project.

  • Use resource management tools

Managing resources in a small organization are often executed manually. However, using the right resource management tool will be a wise choice if you are a part of a large organization. With the right tools, you can streamline the resource management efforts of planning, allocating, and tracking your resources. Apart from resource management, you must use a project management tool to evaluate the project's performance against different milestones set for completion of the project.

The project management tool from eResource Scheduler is an easy-to-use and effective tool. It helps you with insights about your employees' utilization by generating real-time reports, each backed by Gantt Charts. Customizable reports allow you to track your team's productivity, create budget and payroll reports. The report keeps you updated with the exact status of performance and progress.

  • Communicate Clearly

Poor communication can cause disaster in your project. It can lead to unnecessary delays and unexpected outcomes. This is why when you are creating an effective resource management plan, establish clear communication in order to prevent the team from going off-track. Update each resource about their roles and responsibilities.

Every individual must align their efforts with the project's scope and timelines.

Project managers must position their resources to work efficiently, by carefully employing the correct methods, input, and tools.

  • Monitor and fill in the gaps

In every project, there are bound to be delays and shortfalls. The project manager should be able to anticipate the rising gaps and mitigate any delay occurring due to them. With eResource Scheduler identify and minimize such gaps and leakages to avoid cost overrun & schedule-slip and make informed staffing decisions. 

  • Try to accommodate quick changes

If you observe that the project is not performing as per the initial plan,  make required changes to the resource management plan, based on the availability and workload of resources. The sooner you realize that a change is required, the better you will be able to accommodate it.  The resources must be trained for any challenges that may arise due to changes in tasks and timelines. Based on resource availability and workload, eResource Scheduler is a great resource scheduling software that can assist in making smart modifications.

  • Do not think of overburdening a talent

When making an effective resource management plan, avoid overburdening the skilled employees. If the talented resource is assigned too many roles and jobs, chances of decrease in job satisfaction is high and lower work quality is high leading to lower productivity. . Furthermore, the performances of such individuals will lead to a project cycle downwards. To improve performance and maximise productivity, avoid switching resources from one task to another and try restricting the number of simultaneous tasks your teams must focus on, at any given time.


These were the tips to follow when leading a project and preparing an effective resource management plan. You can deploy the project resource management tool from eResource Scheduler that is competitive and affordable. Project management is an art of analysis, but it needs to be supported by tools for impressive deliveries.

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