Advanced Features of Timesheet Application to Track Employee Performance Effectively

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The Timesheet Application is the Best Way to Save Time and Money

Out of all the newly developed timesheet application, time-tracking software stands out as a game changer for businesses. These tools do far more than track employee work hours. A well-designed time tracker is a cost-effective way to save money and make the most of your employees' working hours.

A workforce timesheet application simplifies a host of processes in an organization. With this software, it gets easier to

  • Track working hours
  • Generate analytics reports
  • Gauge employee productivity
  • Create payrolls and bills

With so much to gain, the demand for improvised time-tracking software is growing. The market is overflowing with options, making it difficult to choose the best software. Additionally, it is essential to pick software that has the capabilities a business owner needs.

What is Employee Timesheet Application?

Timesheet application is a well-designed, well-built, and automated technology to track employee activity effectively and produce detailed information on employee activity and productivity. Project managers and business owners monitor and record working hours based on project requirements so that clients are paid appropriately. This software is beneficial for tracking the time spent working in real-time and for keeping tabs on individuals to gauge their productivity levels over time.

A timesheet application tracks time automatically, unlike traditional timesheet software like MS Excel, which requires manual time entry.

In addition to tracking time worked, time tracker apps also track the following information:

  • Time devoted to lone projects.
  • A team member's inactivity period.
  • Work completed in a week or month.

Making payrolls, producing analytical reports, and precisely assessing each employee's productivity are all streamlined with timesheet application.

Must-Have Features of Timesheet Application

There is a tonne of time trackers available with different features. But companies must determine the best fit for their purposes, map it out, and then access it. A time-tracking tool should have the following features:

  1. Time tracking
  2. Timesheet
  3. Employee Attendance
  4. Project management
  5. Analytics & reports
  6. Payroll management
  7. Productivity calculation
  8. Integration
  9. Mobile app

Time Tracking

Every time-tracking tool's main objective is to track how much time employees spend each day performing organizational responsibilities. This contains the precise amount of time spent using work-related websites and other official programs and active and inactive time.

Time trackers provide detailed information about each employee's production levels. Using this tool, the employee is able to see how he or she completes tasks within the confines of the workday. In addition, it serves as a brilliant way to monitor time-consuming and costly initiatives. Businesses can use time monitoring to prioritize jobs to finish projects on time and within the allotted budget.

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Benefits Of Time Tracking:
  • Measure and improve productivity: Monitoring a worker's productivity means keeping track of time spent on various jobs and websites, active/idle periods, and sign-in and sign-out times.
  • You may learn more about their productivity levels by evaluating this time data, including which tasks take the longest to complete and what may be distracting them during the workday.

  • Increase profitability: Managers may quickly determine which jobs are the most expensive or time-consuming by looking at the time employees spend on a specific project.
  • This kind of expense tracking makes it possible to assess the profitability of each project and reschedule less profitable jobs.


The job completed is converted into billable hours on timesheets. As a result, this function offers a centralized presentation of billable hours by automatically exporting reports in the formats of PDF, CSV, and DOC or by sending them to your email at predetermined intervals (every day, week, or month).

Additionally to automated payrolls for billed hours, sometimes tracking apps let you set up automatic payments to consultants or staff members using their preferred payment method.

Benefits of the timesheet:

  • Invoice processing: Managers can expedite and simplify the processes for processing invoices by using a timesheet application. Employees' billable hours are listed along with the job they perform.
  • Accurate project costs: Business owners can more accurately predict the expenses of new projects by keeping a database of staff timesheets on finished ones.

Employee Attendance

Regular attendance at work requires discipline and accountability. These qualities are evident in employees who always meet deadlines. People with erratic attendance can slow the progress of a project or their continuing work. The employee attendance feature can quickly identify and warn these staff employees. It also facilitates the monitoring of hundreds of employees and keeps attendance records accurately.

Benefits of employee attendance:

  • Organize your staff
  • Keep them in check and responsible
  • Help them achieve their deadline more effectively

Project management

Effective project management is essential in completing projects on time and delivering them to the customer. Project managers appreciate the project management feature. Organizations can follow each project stage as it moves closer to completion by giving staff specific tasks. Project management cultivates a sense of accountability that is essential to achieving project goals and deadlines.

Benefits of project management:

  • Creates accountability: Project management promotes a sense of responsibility by designating certain personnel to particular tasks. This will encourage workers to own the tasks fully and strive to finish them.
  • Monitor project progress: You can delegate work to your coworkers and keep tabs on their accomplishments of daily obligations, weekly targets, or monthly objectives. You can manage your tasks and deadlines as a result.

Analytics & reports

Analytics and reporting are vital to businesses. They provide deep insights into how well employees perform in comparison to their goals. Accurate analytics help businesses decide whether to increase their staffing levels based on the performance of their current employees. The following are a few reports that timesheet application may provide:

  • Specific projects they've worked on.
  • Weekly or monthly breakdown of working hours and downtime.

Benefits of analytics & reports:

  • Measure performance: You may measure the performance of your consultants and staff members in relation to the individual goals you set using analytics and reports. Based on employee monitoring data, if you discover that the performance may be improved, you can let your staff know.
  • Identify recruitment opportunities: Based on the performance of your current workforce, reporting and analytics also assist you in determining whether you need to acquire new personnel. No one of your coworkers will be overworked as a result.

Payroll Management

The automated payroll tool makes it incredibly easy to maintain accurate, accessible, and accountable payroll management. Due to the small margin for error, it avoids undesirable payroll-related arguments and discrepancies.

It allows you to bill clients based on billable time and the approximate agreed-upon hourly rates. Keeping payroll and timesheet application separate also simplifies the accounting process.

Benefits of payroll management:

  • Save time: You can save time by having payroll generated automatically rather than creating invoices by hand.
  • Improves transparency: Payroll automation increases the clarity of the billing process, reducing the likelihood of any billing-related conflicts.
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Productivity Management

Without the ability to estimate productivity, employee timesheet application might not be worth the money. Thanks to this function, employers can see how many active and inactive hours there are in a day. It is difficult to track how each employee uses their allotted time. Fortunately, the productivity calculation option makes this possible. It can provide you with a thorough work breakdown that includes the information below:

  • Total working hours
  • Active and idle hours
  • Productive and non-productive hours
  • Neutral hours

Benefits of productivity management:

  • Give an accurate record of active and idle hours
  • Provides comprehensive task breakdown
  • Helps analyze ups and downs in the productivity level

App Integration

For simpler management, the timesheet application needs to be adaptable enough to combine various tools and programs. Management can gather useful data by utilizing common connectors such as CRM systems, project management tools, and team collaboration software. Additionally, it streamlines project administration and aids in putting essential performance-enhancing techniques into action.

App integration provides a complete picture of the business. It illustrates the difficulties and roadblocks impeding advancement. Companies could find it challenging to acquire these essential facts and make timely corrections without app integration.

Benefits of integration:

  • Holistic business view: You receive a complete picture of your company's performance when your timesheet application is coupled with several touchpoints. You can see the broader picture by integrating the many tools employed by the various departments. It illustrates how many aspects of your company ultimately impact the accomplishment of your corporate goals.
  • Presents insights from CRM, project management, and collaboration tools.

Mobile app

You can use a mobile app to immediately access a time tracking platform's features from your smartphone.

Because businesses are open around-the-clock and people constantly move, you might occasionally want real-time project updates or staff performance sent to your phone.

You can always stay ahead of your deadlines, thanks to this.

Benefits of mobile app:

  • Convenience: You don't have to be at your computer or office all the time to know how your project is progressing or how your staff members are doing. You can do all of that and more from the convenience of your smartphone with the help of a mobile app.
  • Flexibility: You only sometimes have your laptop or desktop when you attend a lecture, conference, or work meeting.

In such cases, you can easily track time spent by using the time tracking tool's mobile app. This guarantees that the tool can adapt quickly to various employee job requirements.

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