eResource Scheduler Resource Planning Tool: Create Quick Management Reports Seamlessly

Resource Planning Tool - Create Management Reports Seamlessly


It was a tough fight, but you could fetch that project despite the competition. Great!

Planning, anticipation, evaluation, and existing skilled resource banks motivated you to propose your action plan. It won you the project and helped you earn revenue for the company. However, out of everything, what mattered most was the resources because, ultimately, they had to perform.

When you have resources, you very well know the next steps to begin!

As a project manager, moving ahead, you have to plan the project execution stages, benchmarks, deadlines, and review dates. But before these things, you need to evaluate the skills and decide how to prepare the available resources for the entire project. This refers to resource planning, which is simple when a start-up or has fewer employees.

But if the company's size is more significant and many employees are required to handle it, a resource planning tool will be needed.

Let us look at the details of what is a resource planning tool and what is its utility?

Table of Contents

  • What is a Resource Planning Tool?
  • Why do you need a Resource Planning Tool?
  • eResource Scheduler Resource Planning Tool: Quick Management Reports.
  • Conclusion

What is a Resource Planning Tool?

A resource planning software needed to manage the human resources and schedule of an organization. When you are aware of the existing projects and the availability of the resources, you know how to plan the work.

The resource planning software enables you in capacity management depending on the roles needed for different projects. This way, you are better able to tap the full potential of the resources deployed at work.

Using the resource planning tool, the main idea is to manage the work pressure on different employees. It is essential to check that none of the resources is overbooked or underbooked with work. With fewer employees, it is manageable manually, but with a larger workforce, you need planning software.

Why do you need a Resource Planning Tool?

The purpose of the resource planning software tool is focused on optimization and efficiency. The tool allows you to plan the project and utilize the resources most optimally.

A resource planning tool assists you technically in:

  • Allocation of resources.
  • Balancing the resource demand with the supply.
  • Adjusting the scheduled work to be completed within the time limits.

One fact is that if resources are managed, the projects go in line as per the delivery. When you use resource planning software, you can easily ensure these

  • Nothing in the entire planning is missed.
  • Not a single resource is overloaded or sitting idle.
  • Availability of resources, tools, and expertise at the right time.
  • Transparency of work and transparent flow of information at all levels.
  • Knowledgeable staff and employees who are aware of their jobs and duties with deadlines.

Considering the benefits of the resource planning tool, you must find the best tool that serves your requirement. The resource planning software from eResource Scheduler can be the best pick because of the features it provides.

Let us find out more about the tool here.

eResource Scheduler Resource Planning Tool: Quick Management Reports

Utilizing the eResource Scheduler Resource Planning Tool makes creating quick resource management reports hassle-free. The idea is best to optimize the resources, projects, teams, and offices. But that is possible only when you are aware of the current status of all spots.

With eRS planning software, you will be able to do this:

Measure utilization and availability

Using the software, you can measure the utilization and availability of resources at every level of the organization. These reports allow you to view data at the individual as well as grouping level.

Have a holistic view of resource utilization and availability

The reports can be configured to view the details as needed. It can be put into different grouping formats depending on the type of information you seek. For example, you can group the data of resources based on team, departments, managers, etc.

Generate real-time reports

As a project manager, you can succeed when everything in your clutch is derived on a real-time basis. The eRS software tool creates real-time data when a booking is created, updated, or deleted. When you have the real-time data, you have a better view of resource utilization which further backs your scheduling decisions.

Create reports with meaningful perspective

You can have utilization reports created in two units simultaneously. As a project manager, you know the perspective that can help you to pull the data wisely. Choose your preferences to get meaningful reports that facilitate decision-making for you.

Fast identification of data with colored formatting

With eRS resource planning software, you get high-quality reports. You can choose the colors for the essential information and mark them. Next time, the essential data gets stored for you, and in the reports, you get highly configurable data. It saves a lot of time for you to focus on the problem rather than aligning the data.

Graphs for straightforward data representation

It is a valid fact that representation of information gets more precise in graphs. When the reports are in the form of graphs fetching information out of these gets quick.

Short, Medium, and Long-Term Utilization Reports

Having a keen view on the utilization of resources is very important all through the year. It is not a one-time task but needs focus to get into the deep insights. It gives you information about the resource capacity as well as productivity. The short, medium and long-term reports give you quick updates on how the resources perform against the expectations.

Personalized Reports

Rather than having consolidated data, you can also have customized reports. It gives you clear insights into individuals' performance.


eResource Scheduler planning tool enhances your efficiency when it comes to resource planning. It is crucial because unless the resources are managed, a project cannot be executed. The software tool is made available on a trial basis where a dedicated team of experts can help you learn and install it on your system. The best part is that the data about the resources are available on a real-time basis. For any further details, you can connect at

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