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Entrepreneurship- "It's not all rosy, but it's certainly rewarding."

If you were, to sum up, entrepreneurial life in a single line, then the above quotation would be it. Very often, people in regular day jobs envy entrepreneurs for having escaped the rat race.

However, as an entrepreneur, though you are not a part of the rat race anymore – you are running another incredibly challenging race that has no off times.

Being an Entrepreneur is Extremely Stressful

As an entrepreneur – you don multiple hats. You are the team manager, business administrative head, office planner, financial planner, the PR person for your business, recruiter, project leader, marketer of your brand, and many more.

This may feel like you are being stretched thin on all sides. The worst part – you never get to leave the office from a mental standpoint. Even when you are not at work, your thoughts are always with the business.

As an entrepreneur, the workload is always intense – more than what you were used to at your day job. You are the CEO, CFO, COO, HR person, IT guy, administrator, and janitor – all rolled into one. Juggling so many roles – is both physically and mentally draining. There's always something to look into – whether wooing clients, overseeing project progress, hiring the right personnel, refining your workflow – your job is never done. All this can take a toll on your mental, physical, and social health.

This is why entrepreneurs require the right tools in their bag, to strike the right balance while taking the business to new heights.

Resource Allocation and Planning – The Major Challenge and Time Drain, for all Entrepreneurs

When you run a small business, your team is your biggest asset. The performance of your team is what determines your brand value. Whether you are in manufacturing or run an IT business, the output delivered by your team is what matters.

As an entrepreneur, one of your biggest duties is allocating the right tasks to the right person, to get the best possible outputs.

This is easier said than done. Let us explain this better with a real-life scenario. Imagine this situation – you walk into your office at 9.00 am, power on your desktop and log into your official email account. You've got two to three mails from key personnel requesting leave for the day. And, you've got an important client project to be delivered by the end of the day.

What do you do? Panic alarms start ringing inside you, and you are in a hurry to find an alternative to the missing resource personnel. You assign the urgent tasks to other team members. Does it feel like the problem is solved? No!

You receive pings on your internal chat tool from the secondary team members, stating that they don't have any experience in the recently allocated task and they are currently busy with other tasks. The clock's ticking, and you spend your precious hours trying to explain the process to the secondary team members, while pleading your case with the client, trying to get an extension of the deadline.

Does it all feel familiar? Having to juggle between resource allocations every day is not only exhausting but impacts the output of your projects/deliverables, which in turn, tarnish the image of your brand.

Resource Planning Tools – The Best Weapon in an Entrepreneur's Tool Belt

This is where a resource planning tool like the eResource Scheduler comes to your rescue.

What is it?

The eResource Scheduler is an automated resource planning tool that makes it easy to assign, reallocate, and resolve resource conflicts – quickly and smoothly.

Here are some of the many benefits of the eResource Scheduler:

  • Get a complete overview of all resources full-time, part-time, vendors, freelancers, interns, etc. – see who is working on what in real-time, their strengths and skills, so that you can quickly assign the right tasks to the right people.
  • Plan and schedule resources ahead in time, so that you can avoid last-minute reallocations.
  • Ensure that all resources are utilized optimally – no under or over-allocation of resources, thereby getting your team members to feel happy and satisfied with the workload.
  • Generate customized reports of resource utilization so that you can identify the gaps in resource allocations.
  • Improves the efficiency of your deliverables, while helping you stay on track within the proposed project timeline.
  • Helps you grow your business with the right resources.

Simply put, the eResource Scheduler reduces the time you spend dealing with resource allocations and resolving resource conflicts, thereby lightening your mental load. You don't have to spend all your time at the office putting out fires. Instead, you can take an optimized approach to resource planning, thereby getting the most out of your team members.

This frees up your valuable time, which can be used in further expanding and growing your business.

eResource Scheduler – To the Rescue of Many Entrepreneurs

Here are a few examples of how the eResource Scheduler helps several entrepreneurs:

Larry runs a construction company and employs 25 to 30 people at a time. He always had difficulty assigning tasks and managing the progress of a project, as most of his employees didn't come into the office. With the eResource Scheduler, Larry now gets real-time updates on who is working on what, helping you track, monitor, and manage his projects efficiently.

Florence and Marc run a mobile app development company. The unique challenge faced by the duo is that Marc is based out of the US and Florence from the UK. They have a large team of nearly 60 developers, designers, testers, and content creators working from several locations across the world. With the eResource Scheduler, Marc and Florence are able to get real-time updates of who is working on what, forecast resource requirements accurately, thereby delivering projects on time and winning the trust of clients.

These are just a couple of examples that prove that the eResource Scheduler is one of the must-have tools for entrepreneurs across industries.

Beat the Odds and Win as an Entrepreneur with Smart Tools by your Side

As an entrepreneur, time is your biggest asset. You need to manage your time smartly, to win success. Don't spend all your precious time on daily tasks like – resource management. Instead, use smart resource planning tools like the eResource Scheduler – to manage, automate, and optimize resource planning, so that you can focus on other critical tasks like client acquisition and expanding your business.

Cheers, and keep up the entrepreneurial drive in you!

Marketing Consultant
Nikita Sharma
Nikita Sharma, an impassioned Marketing Consultant at eResource Scheduler, has been shaping the digital marketing landscape since January 2021. With a rich background in web development and digital marketing strategy, she's a beacon of innovation in the field. Nikita has achieved remarkable milestones, including reaching over 1 million social media users for the Jaipur International Film Festival and 3 million-plus SERP impressions for Enbraun Technologies. Her tenure at Nexa as a Digital Marketing Strategist in Dubai, certified by Google and Hubspot, underscores her profound expertise. Nikita's educational journey in Computer Science from Rajasthan Technical University and advanced programming courses have been pivotal in her career. She exemplifies dedication, creativity, and a deep understanding of digital trends, making significant impacts across diverse industries.

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