Better Scheduling Through Proper Resource

eResource Scheduler is a computer based application used by organizations to integrate their business departments, offices, teams etc. Organizations can improve their workflow by implementing a collaborative resource scheduling software. It allows real-time tracking of organizational resources, it also provides tracking of:

Vacations / Company Holidays: Tracking vacations for all resources (working all over the continent) is a tough task. Organizations are working with multiple teams, offices and departments; resources may have different working patterns and assigned to different calendars (and each calendar have different holidays); in this case it becomes troublesome for managers to keep an eye on vacations. To overcome this menace; eResource Scheduler can be used to gather all information regarding vacations and holidays will be visible on your system.

Overtime/Halftime Resources: Many companies offer employees to work halftime or overtime. eRS allows tracking of resources who are working as overtime or halftime. Based on the information, managers can extend or shorten the booking timings.

Resource Shortage/Surplus: Managers can easily keep a track on future forecasting of resources (human and non-human); when and where there will be resource shortage or surplus. If there will be resource shortages they can ask HR department to start a recruitment drive, hence, before actually facing the resource shortages, organization will have new resources to fill the red mark (red mark is a symbol of resource shortages in forecasting report). On the other hand if they find surplus resources then managers can modify their bookings and assign them on some other important projects.

We have tried developing an awesome resource scheduling software that would complement the work done by resource/project managers.

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