eRS Cloud for Professional Services - What Is It and How Does It Work?

eRS Cloud for Professional Services - What Is It and How Does It Work

You don't want to be hassled or gridlocked when it comes to improving organizational performance. Right?

The revenue and output of the company depend on the professional services you deploy. If you want quick, professional solutions for faster growth, you must use tools that automate the processes.

As a leader, you will feel relaxed when you get the flexibility to expand your operations. For example, if you use cloud-based resource management solutions, you have accurate updates about resource occupancy, project status, resource availability, and other things. Larger companies that have many projects sailing together with limited resources would preferably need such software tools. Service providers like eRS Cloud can pull this facility for you that is backed by cloud storage. But don't you think a resource update involving cloud features becomes an expensive affair?

No, it isn't.

Cloud-based professional software for employee scheduling, project planning, and resource management help businesses stay in competition with quick updates. eRS Cloud is the major player that provides the insights in the form and type they are needed.

Let us dip and dive more into the logic behind the eRS Cloud.

Table of Content

1. What is eRS Cloud?

2. How does eRS Cloud work?

3. Professional services that eRS Cloud provides.

4. Why should you have eRS Cloud?

5. Conclusion

What is eRS Cloud?

eRS cloud or eResource Scheduler cloud-based resource planning system owned by Enbraun. It is a resource management software service for businesses that are highly dependent on IT tools and technology.

The resource scheduling software tool is available for all types of companies, including mid-sized businesses, small businesses, freelance, non-profit, enterprise, and government. In addition, it is an affordable software that costs $5 per month/resource.

Thinking about why you deploy your financial resources on tools like these?

Well, if that is what you think, you should first understand the utility of the resource scheduling solutions at large.

If you are looking to streamline all resource management with the desired activities in the organization, you should do these:

  • Deploy all resources efficiently.
  • Reduce the downtime of a resource and increase resource utilization.

But all of this cannot be attained without an effective management software tool like eRS. eRS Cloud provides you with the features of employee scheduling, project planning, and resource management. Overall the idea of the tool is to improve your company's functionality by deploying the e-Resource Scheduler Cloud software as best as possible.

When the functionality gets better, the companies can consistently deliver projects and services on time. It happens conveniently because eRS gives you insights into the availability of resources that can be further ideated into accurate project projections.

How does eResource Scheduler Cloud work?

eResource Scheduler allows you to pull the resource from across the globe to whom you can schedule locally. Here is how you can start with eResource Scheduler Cloud:

1. The users/companies are required to download the software on their system. Or they can log onto

2. Create an account, enter details, and you are good to go. You can subscribe to the monthly plans that give you freedom of 'Pay as You Go'. The feature allows you to pick the number of resources you want to schedule and opt for the monthly plans. There is an option to increase or decrease the number of resources.

Many people can use the software at different levels in an organization but those who are authorized. It comes with a dynamic dashboard that allows you and other project managers to access the information on a single screen. In addition, the widgets on the dashboard depict insights into units that are scalable.

After you begin with the software and enter the project, resources and other details, you can access the information at any time. eRS Cloud is a collaborative resource management software tool that is capable of an intuitive interface. When you use the software, it supports you with its real-time tracking tools. Here is how the software works:

Step1: All the resources needed to log in against the task they are deployed at. They need to update these sheets daily, indicating their work status.

Step 2: After receiving all the inputs, the eRS Cloud generates real-time informational reports which can be accessed from any place. The reports will help you to evaluate:

  • Daily intakes on the work done by individual resources.
  • Adjust the time estimates of the delivery depending on the work completion status.
  • Analyze the productivity of each resource depending on the work completed against the work allocated.

Step 3: The tool can create reports based on an employee's capacity, individual work hours, scheduled time off, and public holidays. It can support your decision to handle different projects at a time. After you have the inputs, you can choose whether or not you should pick new projects.

With eRS Cloud, you can generate reports backed with Gantt Charts that provide in-depth project status and resources.

eRS Cloud has matured features that allow you to get the best of your resources.

Professional services that eRS Cloud provides

Professional service that eRS Cloud include:

A. Employee Scheduling: Using the eRS Cloud you can have convenient appointment management, resource planning, resource utilization, calendar management, employee database, group scheduling, reporting, resource management, scheduling, vacation and leave tracking, etc.

B. Project Planning: Plan your existing and new projects after deriving information from Gantt Charts, Progress Tracking, and Resource Management.

C. Resource Management: You can try capacity Management, data visualization, demand forecasting, employee scheduling, skills tracking, resource allocation, and utilization management that will assist you in resource management.

Why should you have eResource Scheduler Cloud?

It would help if you had eResource Scheduler Cloud as:

  • It is a cloud-based software that allows you to access real-time resources updates from anywhere.
  • eRS has a dynamic dashboard that provides real-time insight into resource utilization, resource capacity, projects, and the aspects that require urgent attention by the project managers.
  • eRS Cloud-based software is a repository of all organization's resources depending on the skills and qualifications. It makes the search for the right help comfortable for you.
  • Using the eRS Cloud tool, you can have a centralized list of all the projects in one place. You can evaluate and extract the information about the resources and tasks from one place.
  • eRS Cloud depends on algorithms that exhibit reports on resource utilization at resource, team, project, and office levels. These reports help management to effectively manage decisions of hiring new resources and acquiring new projects.
  • The resource management software allows the scheduling of resources, whether they are contractors or employees.
  • The feature of a working calendar that keeps a record of working days, timings, and holidays. Whether the resources are within the city or across the globe, the work calendar assists project managers to in mapping resources to projects.


If you are looking for quick business expansion after you have deployed the most efficient staff, you need to make a pace with time. As a project manager, you need to use resource management software tools like eRS Cloud. These make it efficient to schedule and manage teams from anywhere in the world. With resource management solutions, organizations can have improved team collaboration with the smooth flow of information. In addition, the resource software comes with the features of email notifications, project progress reporting, etc., to meet recent work challenges.

There are many players in the market, but eRS Cloud resource management software wins the vote as it is affordable, dynamic, and suits the project requirements.

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