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In today's dynamic and competitive world, organizations face a lot of pressure to deliver state-of-the-art and innovative products and services. Though they must use cutting-edge technology to build top-quality products, they should also ensure that their offering remains cost-effective. To do this, businesses need to streamline their project management process, which means that various components like resources, time, cost, and competencies should be aligned well. But how is that possible? How can you keep track of multiple projects, clients' requirements, team's progress, while sticking to the timelines? Do you face a challenge in tracking the status of the projects and how your team members are performing especially in a remote working environment? Don't fret. A cloud-based resource management software can be the solution. eResource Scheduler is a top-rated project management tool that helps you deliver high-quality projects within the set deadlines and budget. Read on to dig deeper.

How Can eResource Scheduler Help in Resource Tracking and Finding the Progress of Projects?

An award-winning tool with an intuitive interface, high customizability, and configurability features, its competitive price and ease of use are a few key reasons for its popularity. You can use this leading resource management software for project management, capacity planning, workflow scheduling, resource management, time tracking, and a lot more. Let's see how this tool helps you with project tracking, calculate resource utilization, and do resource tracking.

1. Clarity about what to scale and exactly when

There are phases in the business when your team may experience lean periods with not much work to do. However, at other times, just the opposite would happen with a lot of work pressure. Also, as you do some successful project deliveries, you get newer clients and your work volume will gradually increase. Your team members may be fine with pulling on some extra workload on a few days, but if it becomes a regular feature, then it leads to a burn-out, employee dissatisfaction, and also higher attrition. eResource Scheduler is a resource management tool that helps you draft a detailed resource plan with accurate forecasts of resource requirements in future. This way, you will know when you should hire new resources, with what skills, or if internally borrowing some resources from other teams for a short period would work.

2. Multiple filters provide you with exact data as per your requirements

eResource Scheduler's resource scheduling chart provides you with a project, resource, and role view. Team leads and project managers can easily create their scheduling views in some easy steps. These advanced filters can be used to identify the best fit and most qualified or experienced resources that are suitable to the project requirements. If you have a distributed team working across time zones and geographies, then also this tool is very useful. It helps you to find useful details about resources like their availability, leave plan, and performance metrics on the scheduling chart. This helps in ensuring that accurate resource capacity is used for different employee types.

3. Visual overviews, detailed dashboards, and comprehensive reports

eResource Scheduler is a customizable project management software with which you can design visual overviews, display your data in graphs, and comprehensive dashboards. In a few clicks, you can pull out detailed reports on availability, productivity, and utilization. These reports help in taking the right decisions to enhance profitability and performance. You can also precisely calculate real-time resource utilization and get automated skill matching. What's more? Plan your future resource requirement, schedule multiple projects to a single resource, manage your overall capacity seamlessly, and do project tracking. If you wish to comprehend the data better, just configure the reporting views in the tool or apply filters and colour-coding to spot the under and over-booked employees.

4. Deliver all your projects on time

Efficient resource management and project tracking help in delivering projects and services consistently within the predetermined timelines and budget. With better project management and project tracking, you can get a clear insight into resource availability, and improve timeline projections. The right resource management system aids project managers to gain a clearer view of overall organizational resources and all running projects. You can easily monitor and pick the available resources that suit your project requirement. You can also check which project is a team member aligned to and if they have some capacity to take up a new project. Such visibility helps in doing better time projections and planning resources and schedule effectively, which results in successful deliveries.

5. Forecasts powered by artificial intelligence (AI)

Before starting any project, the first step is to make a project plan, estimate the effort required, and then finally, schedule resources. But what if this calculation is wrong? It would impact your timeline, project budget, and plan in a big way. Practically speaking, it is very difficult to get precise estimates because of which multiple challenges can crop up. eResource Scheduler is a project management tool that is created with advanced AI algorithms. It provides you with accurate estimations for your projects in the pipeline. Therefore, you can draft perfect schedules, do resource scheduling and allocation, calculate resource utilization, do project tracking, and a lot more effectively.

eResource Scheduler's Reporting Features that are Beneficial in Project and Resource Tracking

1. Real-time and updated reports

Imagine creating detailed spreadsheets or reports for every update meeting with the management. Isn't it cumbersome? Project managers need to collate large amounts of data and create reports to update the management regarding the project status, team's utilization, performance, etc. What if an advanced resource management tool provides you with resource utilization, availability, and other important reports in a few clicks? eResource Scheduler is a resource allocation tool that gets updated constantly in real-time. So, whenever any manager creates a new booking, or updates or deletes a previous one, all users will view updated data on utilization, performance, and availability. This ensures that all your scheduling decisions are made based on the latest data and are efficient.

2. Gauge the actual effort by using timesheets

eResource Scheduler is powered by inbuilt timesheet software that helps you to capture the actual effort or time spent by various employees on tasks or projects. You can pull out timesheet reports for various resources and different projects. These timesheets also enable you to report planned vis-a-vis actual resource utilization, capacity, availability and manage project tracking. It also captures the actual cost, what is the revenue being generated, and profitability at both resource and project levels.

3. Important information available on dashboards

Accurate information is the foundation for effective resource management. By implementing eResource Scheduler Cloud, you get easy-to-use dashboards that display all important information on a single screen. The dashboard widgets of the tool showcase all key information in different units and scales according to individual requirements. The dashboards also offer real-time clarity into resource availability, capacity planning, project tracking, and resource utilization, etc. The dashboards also flag the risk areas that may require immediate attention.

4. Utilization reports help in optimizing resource utilization

Resource utilization is an important metric to show resource usage. Project managers should monitor it regularly to make sure that their team is utilized to an optimum level. Utilization reports of this resource management tool offer organization-wide data in real-time. This data tells you about the percentage by which your resources are utilized, which further helps you to make well-informed decisions on balancing the workload and using your employees optimally. You can easily configure these reports to structure your reporting data as needed. You can either view these reports as per resources, according to various projects or as per a specific team, project manager, vertical, department, etc.

5. Gap report enables to identify any resource gaps

Only if you know the exact challenges, can you fix them. The tool's gap report highlights any existing resource gaps in various projects along with information like when and where it happened and what is the type of gap. To calculate the exact resource gap, the gap report compares different resource requirements that are defined at the project level and then does a comparative analysis with the resources scheduled on those projects. This report is highly configurable, as the colours enable you to easily identify all key information and the graphs are quite easy to understand. You can pull out reports for planned vs. actual utilization, and compare actual capacity, and financial figures from timesheets and scheduling charts alongside and check for any gaps.

6. Availability reports to estimate the bandwidth

It is important for project managers to know the actual resource bandwidth so that they can accept project work accordingly. Taking on work without knowing the bandwidth can be dangerous as that can over-burden the team members and cause delays. Availability reports display how much work can your resources take on considering their present workload. The information in this report is real-time and you can view it in multiple units and levels. For example, as per resource, role, team, or department.

7. Forecasting reports help in making hiring plans

Resource forecasting is an important step in making hiring plans. eResource Scheduler is a resource management software that offers a dedicated forecasting report. This report compares and does an analysis of high-level resource capacity vis-a-vis resource demand using the requirements outlined at the project level or resource schedules. It also flags if there could be any resource shortages including details like where, when and by how much. This report can be easily viewed in different units and views, and it gives clarity about all key information that is needed to create effective hiring plans.

8. Financial reports to identify the bottom line of the business

It is also important to know how your resource planning is affecting the organization's overall cost and revenue. eResource Scheduler's financial reports display planned vs. actual cost, actual revenue, and data like profitability at multiple levels (resources, clients, managers, projects, etc.). Its financial reports also provide resource and non-resource parts of the total cost and revenue at various levels. So, if you aim to optimize your resources and manage project tracking at every stage, implement eResource Scheduler. Book a free trial soon to check out the benefits and features.

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