Bulk Uploading, Editing and Deleting

Bulk Uploading

Bulk uploading allows to import (from MS Excel) multiple resources at one go. It provides an opportunity to mass upload many fields, like:

  • Resource Name
  • Resource Type
  • Resource Code
  • Resource Reference Number
  • Resource Manager
  • Resource E-Mail (can enter up to 4 e-mails)
  • Resource Phone Number etc.

To perform this activity use the button which is located at the right corner of the Resource Screen.

Bulk Editing / Updating

It is useful if you want to change / update the multiple resources at one go. To perform this activity make sure that resources should be of same “Type” i.e. resources having same resource type can be edited concurrently. It delivers an opportunity to update many fields, like:

  • Resource Type
  • Start / End Date
  • E-mail
  • Designation
  • Phone Number
  • Resource Manager
  • Department
  • Roles
  • Calendar
  • Rates
  • Resource Attributes etc.

Bulk Delete

This feature can be helpful if user want to delete multiple resources at one go.

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