Minor Features in Resource Scheduling Software

With the release of version 4.0.2 of eResource scheduler many major features were introduced like Gap Report, Resource requirement, Project timings etc. But various minor features were also added in our resource scheduling software to enhance user experience. Some of … Read More

Define Working Hours Using New Slider Feature

Organizations require their resources to work for different hours. This is easy and can be done directly by adding multiple working calendars and assigning resources to different calendars that suits their working pattern. The new slider feature within eResource Scheduler … Read More

Gap Report – A New Screen in our Resource Planning Software

Gap Report shows resource gaps in different units and views by comparing resource requirements and allocations for selected dates. This report highlights data in three different colors. Red color signifies that resource requirement is more than allocation, orange color signifies … Read More

Why eResource Scheduler is Better Than Other Resource Scheduling Tools

Through a series of screenshots and video, this tour shows you the most popular enhancements of eResource Scheduler.

Version 4.0.2 Released

We have listened to you, our customers, done a lot of research and added many new exciting features and enhancements in our latest update to help you get more done in fewer steps. Yes, eResource Scheduler is now version 4.0.2. … Read More

Better Scheduling Through Proper Resource Forecasting

eResource Scheduler is a computer based application used by organizations to integrate their business departments, offices, teams etc. Organizations can improve their workflow by implementing a collaborative resource scheduling software. It allows real-time tracking of organizational resources, it also provides … Read More

Recurrence Booking – How Do I Create It?

Recurrence means “To reoccur, to happen again”. This functionality has been introduced in our latest version i.e. eResource Scheduler 4.0.1. Setting up Recurrence Booking: Step 1:   Select Resource & Project and Click on the “Recurrence” button. Step 2:   The … Read More

Multiple Working Calendars – Because Not Everyone Works for Same Hours

The ability to customize resources according to different working pattern has always been a feature of eResource Scheduler. In organization, resources (people) have different working patterns, not everyone works for the same hours. People typically work Monday to Friday from … Read More

New eResource Scheduler Video – It’s Live

Words cannot explain as good as a video can. There is nothing like a video explaining your application. Below is the latest tour video of eResource Scheduler 4.0.1, watch out the latest features of our application.

Bulk Uploading, Editing and Deleting Resources

Bulk Uploading Bulk uploading allows to import (from MS Excel) multiple resources at one go. It provides an opportunity to mass upload many fields, like: Resource Name Resource Type Resource Code Resource Reference Number Resource Manager Resource E-Mail (can enter … Read More