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- Employee & Resource Scheduling & Planning
- Collaborative: Real-time data sharing
- Configurable to suite your requirements
- Drag & Drop scheduling
- Timesheet to capture actuals
- Utilization, Forecasting & Financial Reports


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Efficient & Powerful Resource Planning Software Program

Resource Planner for Efficient Project Resource Planning

eResource Scheduler (eRS) is a multi-user resource planning software. It’s collaborative (client – server) architecture allows multiple users to plan & coordinate resources in real time. eRS is extremely flexible and can be easily configured to plan custom defined resources such as equipment, tools, vehicles etc. on projects. Simplicity and flexibility makes this planning software popular among managers who schedule & plan resources on a regular basis.

Our resource planner helps in identifying right resources from a big pool on the basis of custom defined attributes such as roles, skills, training etc. and schedule them on different projects by a simple drag & drop. eRS resource planning tool generates powerful management reports such as utilization report, forecasting report etc. These reports provide important information in easy to understand format and help in maximizing utilization at all levels of the organization. These powerful flexible features make our resource planning program an obvious choice for organisations to address their project resource planning needs.

Configurable Resource Planning Software

Resource Screen - Resource Planning Software eRS resource planning software can be easily configured to efficiently plan & schedule custom defined resource types e.g. equipment, tools, vehicles, rooms etc. Multiple working calendars can be created to suite different working patterns and custom groupings such as teams, departments, roles etc help in accurate resource profiling which ultimately leads to easy identification and planning. This configurability greatly increases the scope, usability & efficiency of our resource planning system, as it is not limited to any one particular industry.

Resource Planner Offers Drag & Drop Feature

Scheduling Chart - Resource Planner eRS offers flexible scheduling chart, it lets the user identify right resources on the basis of groupings and custom defined attributes (roles, skills, team etc) and schedule them on projects. Scheduling chart displays existing bookings in gantt view, this makes data easy to understand and work with. Our resource planner offers drag & drop feature and bookings can be made billable or non-billable, even the billing method can be defined. These features make eRS simple & preferred software for planning all types of resources.

Timesheet to Capture Actuals

Timesheet - Planning Tool Our resource planning tool offers user friendly timesheet to capture actual time spent on projects. It allows flexible time entry along with the facility to enter comments for every entry, this helps in accurate and efficient time tracking. eRS resource planning tool offers timesheet in weekly, fortnightly, monthly as well as user defined custom formats. Submitted, approved and rejected entries can be easily identified with the help of colour codes. Timesheet also facilitates reporting on actual utilisation & availability and provides actual cost & revenue data.

Utilization Report for Optimum Planning

Utilization Report – Planning Software eRS provides critical but easy to understand data about utilisation & availability. Reports provide options to view planned & actual utilisation at different levels i.e. resource, team, organization etc. Data can be analysed in different units (days, hours & percentage) and views (daily, weekly, monthly etc.). Our resource planning system has rich graphs and user defined colour coding, filters & several organising options, these feature increase effectiveness by making data easy to understand & analyse.

Forecasting Report for Accurate Forecasting 

Forecasting Report - Resource Planning Program Forecasting report of our resource planning program proves very useful if your organisation believes in preparing project plans well in advance. Forecasting report compares capacity v/s demand and forecasts shortages and surplus at different levels i.e. resource, role, office, team etc. Our resource planning program offers rich graphs, colour coding, filters & multiple organising options. These facilitate in optimising resource utilisation in short, medium and long term.

Financial Report for Project Prioritization

Financial Report - Resource Planning ProgrameRS resource planner highlights financial impact of planning & scheduling resources. It accurately generates sensitive but valuable data i.e. planned v/s actual cost, planned v/s actual revenue, planned v/s actual profit etc. Report generated by our resource planning program can be viewed at different levels i.e. project, team, manager etc. Along with its rich & informative graphs, this report proves to be very productive in the hands of proactive managers and can have positive impact on any organization’s bottom line.