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- Employee & Resource Scheduling & Planning
- Collaborative: Real-time data sharing
- Configurable to suite your requirements
- Drag & Drop scheduling
- Timesheet to capture actuals
- Utilization, Forecasting & Financial Reports


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Collaborative & Flexible Project Resource Management Software

Right Resource Management Tool Ensures Project Success

Enbraun's eResource Scheduler (eRS) is multi-user resource management software. It has been specially designed to address requirements of managing resources across different projects. Flexible architecture allows it be configured according to unique structure and resource management needs of any organization, irrespective of industry and size. eRS is packed with features and management reports and offers easy to use and intuitive user interface. These are the main reasons because of which managers prefer this resource management tool.

Our resource management application allows capturing user defined resource attributes (skills, roles, experience etc.) that help in identifying right resource for the right project. Once identified, scheduling chart and drag & drop scheduling makes is extremely easy to schedule resources across projects. Special leave bookings can be created to represent when resources are on leave and prevent conflicting allocations. Timesheet captures actual time spent on projects and informative management reports (Utilization, Forecasting & Financial) provide data that helps in decision making and maximizing utilization. Combination of all these features makes our resource management application efficient, powerful & easy to use.

Configurable Resource Management Software

Resource Screen - Resource Management SoftwareOur resource management software is highly configurable and can be modified to suite different organizational structure and manage custom defined resource types. Every resource type can have its own set of unique attributes that can be used to identify qualified resources for projects and for generating reports. eRS resource management software supports multiple working calendars to facilitate different working patterns. User can define groupings like, team, department, office etc. and every user can be granted unique access rights to suite their access requirements.

Scheduling Chart With Drag & Drop Feature

Scheduling Chart - Resource Management ToolScheduling chart is the heart of our resource management tool. This is where all the scheduling & planning takes place. Scheduling screen allows identifying resources on the basis of their attributes (skills, roles etc.) and booking them by a simple drag & drop. Once created, bookings can be easily transferred, extended and shortened. Bookings can also be e-mailed to resources and can be sent to their MS outlook calendar. Our management tool also highlights resource conflicts and overloaded resources. Multiple data configuring options help in viewing data in the most productive view.  

Timesheet To Capture Actual Time Spent on Projects

Timesheet - eRS Resource Management Application Our resource management software offers convenient & flexible timesheet. Timesheet helps in capturing actual time spent on different projects. This data further helps in viewing actual utilization, actual cost / revenue etc. Every resource can have either manual or automatic approval method and colour codes differentiate between submitted, approved & rejected time entries. Timesheet can be configured in different formats and supports comments (from resource and approver) for every time entry.

Utilisation Report Helps in Resource Optimization

Utilization Report – Resource Management Software As the name suggests, utilization report of our resource management tool provides utilization data at different levels i.e. project, team, role etc. Data can be viewed in different units such as hours, % Std Days and can be viewed in different formats i.e. daily, weekly, monthly etc. User defined colours help in quickly identifying over and underutilized resources. Different data organizing options help in viewing data in the most productive form. Rich graphs make data easy to understand and excel integration allows transferring data to excel spread sheet for further analysis.

Forecasting Report Shows Shortages & Surplus 

Forecasting - Resource Management Tool Forecasting report is ideal for organizations that like to schedule and plan their resources well in advance. Forecasting report provided by our resource management software compares capacity against demand and calculates shortages and surplus. Color coding highlights shortages in red. This report can be viewed in different formats (daily, weekly, monthly etc.) as well as in different units (Hours, FTE, Std days etc.). Organizing options allow viewing this data at different levels and rich graphs make it easy to understand. Export to excel is standard in this report.

Financial Report - Resource Management Tool

Financial - Resource Management ApplicationeRS resource management tool not only manages project resources but also provides accurate reports showing financial impact of resource management. Financial report provides data such as planned v/s actual cost, revenue & profit. This data can be viewed at different levels i.e. project, team etc. and can be used for making important management decisions. The report allows comparing cost, revenue & profit figures across projects and helps in identifying profitable projects, resources, teams etc.