Software for Scheduling, Planning & Managing Employees & Other Resources

Feature Rich Software for Scheduling & Planning
Employees & Other Resources
Project Resource Management Software

Administrative Features

Admin Module - Resource Planning Software
  • Schedule & Manage custom resource types E.g. Employees, Equipment etc.
  • Multiple working calendars to suite unique working patterns.
  • Configurable groupings i.e. Teams, Departments, Office etc.
  • Modifiable screen names.
  • Configurable reporting colors.
  • Define access rights for every user.
  • Set default filters & views on every screens.
  • Export to excel & print available on every screen.
  • Maintain accurate resource profiles with roles, rates, team, office etc.
  • Define attributes for different resource types. E.g. Skills, Education etc.
  • Define 'Start' & 'Last Working Day' for every resource.
  • Define primary & secondary roles of resources.
  • Apply custom working calendar according to resource's working pattern.
  • Define cost & billing rates for every resource.
  • Multiple filtering, organising & bulk edit options.
  • Import resources using an excel template.

Resource Screen

Resource Screen - Resource Scheduling Software  

Project Screen

Project Screen - Resource Management Software
  • Capture detailed project infromation using custom defined fields.
  • Define tasks under projects for task level scheduling.
  • Define resource requirements by adding resource requests.
  • Define project's confirmation & billing status.
  • Assign unique colour to every project for easy identification.
  • Define projects as paid / unpaid leaves to facilitate leave bookings.
  • Import projects using excel template.
  • Change project status to 'Closed' to prevent further bookings.
  • Gantt chart view shows resource commitments & availability.
  • Identify and schedule resources on projects & tasks.
  • Drag & drop scheduling with multiple & reoccuring bookings.
  • Schedule resources in hourly, daily or monthly view.
  • Define booking effort in Percentage, Hours or Daily Avg Hours.
  • Define booking as billable / non-billable, confirmed / unconfirmed.
  • Warnings for resource overload, booking outside working hours etc.

Scheduling & Planning Chart

Scheduling Chart - Resource Planner  

Booking List

List View - Resource Scheduler
  • Schedule resources in list view.
  • Create bookings for few minutes, weeks, months or years.
  • Filter and organize bookings for better management.
  • Organize bookings as per projects, resources, manager etc.
  • Send booking notifications through e-mails.
  • Send bookings directly to resource's MS Outlook calendar.
  • Export booking data to excel.


  • Capture actual time spent on projects / bookings.
  • Set timesheet to weekly, monthly or custom format.
  • Comments can be entered for every time entry.
  • Define approval method (Automatic or Manual) for every resource.
  • Define timesheet entry / approval rights for every user.
  • Select individual or multiple entries for submission / approval.
  • Timesheet helps reporting on actuals i.e. Utilization, cost, profit etc.


Timesheet - Resource Management Tool  

Utilization Report

Utilisation Report - Resource Planner
  • View utilization & availability report at different levels.
  • Custom reporting colors help identify important information.
  • Report can be viewed in different units (%, Hours etc.) & views.
  • Filters & organizing options help slice & dice information.
  • Compare planned v/s actual utilization / availability.
  • Rich & informative graphs for easy understanding.
  • Export data to excel for further analysis.
  • Accurately forecast resource shortage and surplus.
  • Slice & dice information by using filters and organizing options.
  • View report at different levels i.e. office, role etc.
  • View report in hours, standard days & FTE (Full Time Equivalent).
  • View report in days, weeks, months etc.
  • Rich graphs assist in quick interpretation of information.
  • Export data to excel for further analysis.

Forecasting Report

Forecasting - Resource Management Tool

Financial Report

Financial - Resource Scheduler
  • Review cost, revenue & profit figures.
  • Slice and dice data using filters and organize by options.
  • View report at different levels i.e. Projects, resources, managers etc.
  • Identify most & least profitable projects & resources.
  • Report highlights figures that need attention.
  • Informative graphs help in interpretation & comparison of financial performance.
  • Export data to excel for further analysis.