Timesheet Software

In-Built Timesheet Module to Capture Actual Time Spent on Project & Non-Project Work

eResource Scheduler is a scheduling software that can also be configured as a timesheet software. It allows capturing and tracking actual time spent by resource on project and non-project work. Mature timesheet features make it very easy to capture timesheet data and powerful reports show timesheet data in various useful configurations.


Timesheet Module in eRS Scheduling Software


  Timesheet module can be used by itself or with scheduling features offered by our eRS scheduling software.

  Timesheet can be configured to allow every resource / user to enter their own timesheet or someone else (team leader, manager etc.) to enter timesheet data on their behalf.

  Our timesheet software allows approval method can be set to manual or automatic for every resource.

  Color codes on timesheet allow identifying saved, submitted, approved and rejected time entries.

  Time entries can be done manually or can be filled using the scheduling data.


Resource Wise Utilisation Report


  Timesheet data can be imported using an import template provided by application.

  User can enter comments for every time entry, it makes time tracking more easy.

  Administrator can restrict users to only enter time on projects on which they have been scheduled or allow time entries on all projects.

  Administrator can restrict time entries on future dates.

  Timesheet can be viewed in week or month format.


Project Wise Utilisation Report


  Our timesheet software has detailed timesheet report that can be viewed by resources or by projects.

  Timesheet report can be viewed in multiple units.

 Report can be viewed at different levels i.e. resources, projects, team, department, office etc.

  Color coding on timesheet report identifies resources that are under and over-utilized.

  If scheduling features are being used, then timesheet report can show comparison between planned & actual time spend on projects.