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Measure Utilization & Availability at Every Level

To pinpoint areas that need optimization, it is important to view utilization & availability at all levels of the organization – resources, projects, teams, offices, etc.

Our resource planning software has a flexible core that calculates and reports on utilization at all levels of the organization. If the administrator creates additional groupings for resources, i.e., team, manager, office, etc., utilization reports automatically allow viewing and filtering utilization data at the grouping level.

Users can easily create custom options to organize reports and quickly switch between them.

resource utilization report by projects Cloud Version

View Utilization by Resources or Projects

Reports can be configured to organize reporting data as required. Users can choose to view reports by resources or by projects or by any other grouping that has been configured for resources (team, manager, department, etc.) and projects (project manager, business unit, etc.)

Organizing data by different options provides a holistic view of resource utilization and availability across the organization.

updated reports at all times Cloud Version

Real-time Reports - Always Updated

Gone are the days when managers had to exchange reports during Monday morning meetings to update each other about their team's utilization.

The resource utilization and availability reports of our resource planning software get updated in real-time whenever a booking is created, deleted, or updated. This ensures that all users are always viewing updated utilization and availability information. This also makes scheduling decisions with the latest data efficient.

utilization report in 2 units Cloud Version

Reporting with Perspective - View Utilization in Two Units Simultaneously

Figures are great, but perspective is required to derive meaningful conclusions. Increase from $5 to $10 and from $500 to $1000 imply 100% growth in both cases, but it's not comparable in terms of absolute value increase.

Thus, resource utilization report in eRS Cloud allows users to view data in two units simultaneously.

Users can choose two units as per their preference and view utilization data in both units side by side. This provides a whole new depth to reporting and facilitates informed decision-making.

resource utilization report with colors Cloud Version

Easy Identification of Important Data with Reporting Colors

Identifying important information easily is the essence of good reporting and It's convenient and efficient if essential data automatically gets highlighted in reports.

Thus, our resource planning tool has provided configurable color coding in utilization and availability reports. Administrators can define utilization thresholds and color codes as per the organization's requirements to easily and quickly identify underutilized, overutilized resources and everything in between. This saves time and helps users identify and focus on problem areas.

graphs-in-resource-planning-software Cloud Version

Graphs for Easy Interpretation of Data

Charts and graphs help in quickly and easily comparing and understanding data in a meaningful way.

All the reports are equipped with different charting options that help users to easily derive useful information. Charts are highly configurable and are available in different types for better flexibility and representation of data.

utilization report in different views Cloud Version

Short, Medium and Long Term Utilization Reports

Optimizing resource utilization is a constant process rather than a one-time effort. Thus, organizations need to have regular insight into short, medium, and long-term utilization data.

The utilization report of our resource planning software can be viewed in different views ranging from daily to yearly. Further, every view provides a consolidated figure as well as break up.

settings on resource utilization report Cloud Version

Personalize Reports as Per Your Preference

Different users have different preferences. We have provided various basic and advance settings on the reports that users can use to personalize reports as per their individual preference.

Q. Are on-premise version and cloud version part of same software?

No, on-premise version and cloud version are two separate software.

Cloud version is offered as Saas product and on-premise version is offered as licensed product.

Q. Different terminology is being used to describe software, why?

Our two software are ‘eResource Scheduler Cloud’ and ‘eResource Scheduler On-Premise’.

These are both resource scheduling software but are also referred as resource management software, resource planning software and resource allocation software.

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