Powerful & Intuitive Resource Planning Software

Features Designed for Project Resource Planning

eResource Scheduler (eRS) has been developed with an objective to provide resource planners a powerful yet simple resource planning application. Features of our resource planning tool have been developed after lot of research and feedback from managers who are regularly involved in project resource planning. It makes sure that you have control on all your valuable assets and plan them accordingly.


Scheduling Chart in eRS Resource Planning Tool


  eRS facilitates planning human and non-human resources on projects.

  Resources can be planned on easy and intuitive Gantt chart view.

  Custom resource attributes are supported by eRS resource planning software; this helps in identifying right resource for the right project.

  Once identified, resources can be easily planned on projects using simple drag n drop feature.

  Features like reassign, cut, copy, split make it easy to plan resources on projects.


eRS Resource Planning Software's Booking Chart by Projects


  Every project can be assigned a unique color, so that it becomes easy to identify when resources are planned against it.

  Resources can be planned at project level and even at task level.

  Location can be defined at the time of planning resources on projects.

  Resource requirements can be defined at project level, so that right resources can be identified accordingly and planned on projects.

 Booking chart of eResource Scheduler allows creating bookings in daily, weekly and monthly views.


Utilization Report in eRS for Project Resource Planning


  Utilization report shows resource utilization at all levels and highlights over and under-utilization.

  Utilization data when viewed by projects shows which resources have been planned on projects along with dates and planned effort.

  Utilization report shows comparative view of planned effort & actual effort on projects.

  Gap report helps in identifying gaps in project resource planning by highlighting differences in requirements and planned resources.

  Recurring bookings make it easy to plan resources on projects or task that reoccur at according to a fixed pattern.


Forecasting Report in eRS Software to Plan Resources


  Forecasting report compares resource capacity v/s plan on projects and highlights when there will be shortage or excess of resources.

  Forecasting report can be organized by multiple options and facilitates formulating efficient resource hiring plans.

  Ability to define cost & billing rates at different levels (resource, project & booking), allow calculating planned cost, revenue and profit figures for resources, projects and other levels.

  Resource plan can be organized by resources, projects, project managers, resource managers and various other options.

  Project resource plan can be exported to excel for sharing or analysis.