Resource Allocation Software for Projects

Features Focused on Project Resource Allocation

ENBRAUN engineers understand that a good resource allocation software is necessary to ensure that projects are properly resourced. Thus after extensive industry research and feedback from project managers, we have developed eResource Scheduler. It’s a configurable and user-friendly tool for project resource allocation comes with mature features and intuitive design.


Booking Chart in eRS Software for Resource Allocation


  Allocate human as well as non-human resources on projects.

 Configurable resource attributes of our software allow capturing all possible resource information.

  Resources can be easily identified using resource attributes (role, qualification, certificate, experience, language etc.)

  Resources can be easily allocated on projects with simple drag and drop feature.

  Pick and drop feature makes it easy to transfer and reassign project allocations.


Gap Report in eRS Allocation Tool for Projects


  Bulk reassign, split and many more features allow easily editing project allocations.

  Custom colors can be defined to easily identify resource allocations against projects.

  Bulk edit feature of our resource allocation tool allows changing dates of some or all allocations on projects at once.

  Project managers can define resource requirements within our software.

  Resource coordinator gets consolidated view of all resource requirements across projects and use it to identify and allocate right resources on projects.


Scheduling Chart located in eRS Resource Allocation Tool


 Multiple organize and view options (resources or by projects) make eRS one of the most mature software for project resource allocation.

  Allocate resources on one or multiple projects simultaneously.

  Project resource shortages are highlighted by gap report that compared resource requirements and resource allocations on projects.

  Utilization report shows how and where resources are utilized.

  Accurate utilization data is visible at all levels of organization i.e. Resource, project, team, department, office etc.


Project Resource Allocation with eRS


  Utilization data can be viewed in different views (day, week, month etc.) and units (hours, %, FTE) etc.

 Custom reporting colors can be defined in our tool and these allow identifying over and under-utilized resources.

  All data can be exported to excel for further analysis and sharing.

  Forecasting report identifies resource shortages and helps in preparing hiring plans.

 Flexible user access rights of our allocation software provide confidentiality and ease of use.