eResource Scheduler 4.0.1 – Released

Project management is as old as humanity, Mohan-Jo-Daro and Great Wall of China are the live example of those projects which were managed and controlled a long time ago. Many projects failed because of improper management of resources, which in-turn affects the productivity of the organization and the workforce as well. Failure of project / resource management is a major concern that need to be figured-out as soon as possible to make the project a success.

We like photography. Before clicking, we usually set filters, adjust lenses, examines the scenery, and imagines how it will look when printed on a paper etc. then we take a picture. Project management is not much different from photography. The managers should have a clear picture in their mind before implementing a project and is expected to integrate all aspects of project; how to start, whom to assign, event management, time-budget limits etc.

There are two ways of project implementation: 1. Planned and then carried out or 2. Implemented,   stopped, planned and then carried out. Augmented era of technology modified the ways of management,  but most of the managers still rely on spreadsheets, paper management, etc. which would not offer enough  or correct visualization of projects / resources.

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