Are you looking for a change in your planning system? Ah, you may be in luck because in the last week of Nov, 2013 – ENBRAUN has updated its flagship product “eResource Scheduler” from eRS 3.5.9 to eRS 4.0.0. We have introduced many new features and functions that will surely solve issues related to your resource planning.

With the features delivered in this system, you will only need a click of a button to pick your projects and then allocate people to them. The application can also effortlessly identify the part of project that is under-allocated and rapidly assign other resources to that part – to make up for that deficiency.

Now that we have shared our newly added features for efficient resource management, why not try your hands on it and see how effective and productive you can make your organization. Do not forget to attempt to make your company globally friendly too. 

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