Scheduling Chart – An Approach to Resource Planning and Scheduling

Scheduling Chart is the heart of eResource Scheduler. This chart is basically a graphical representation of all the bookings which have been made under various resources. In simple words, scheduling chart represents all the resources and bookings against them on a single dashboard. The data on the grid can be viewed in multiple ways by choosing different organize by methods and resource filters which have been provided on this screen to make the search easier for the end user.

Projects can be assigned to different resources in multiple ways i.e. bookings against resources can be made either by simple drag/drop, by cut paste option, copy paste option or by reassigning bookings. All these four methods are explained below:

Drag & Drop 

A method by which user can shift bookings from one resource to another. This shifting can be made either on different resources or on same resource.

Cut Paste

This feature make things easier for the end user as he will be able to cut booking from one resource and paste it to another resource or to the same resource as per the necessities.

Copy Paste

Application also allows user to copy any booking from one resource and paste it to another or same resource. This features will not delete the booking which was being copied.


An interesting feature offered by eResource Scheduler which allows user to reallocate any booking, either partially or fully, from one resource to as many resources as he wants.

All the above features discussed are not applicable for leave bookings.

Scheduling chart also provides the facility to re-size the existing bookings directly according to the user’s requirements. Choices of selecting different colors for same booking or for different bookings make this chart look more attractive and understood. It also allows user to create multiple bookings at once for the resources on the same project.

eResource Scheduler is an application which provides the functionality to create bookings in different ways for all the resources. This video describes all the ways of creating bookings in details.

So these are some useful features which makes scheduling chart as more systematized and easy.

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