How to Kick-off a Successful Resource
Recognition Drive within your Organization?

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are IT management that integrates all aspects of the business and its cycles, including resource scheduling, product realization, sales, procurement, purchasing, warehouse logistics and marketing. ERP is the formal system of management which replaces the informal. It represents the transition from one mode to direct the companies ‘exposed’ to a more scientific way and rationalized. The type of software CMS (Content Management Systems) for the management of important content websites with the requirements of frequent updates. Also suitable for large corporate intranets are often used as the primary means of access to information.

Considerable flexibility for resource scheduling. The software type GTD (Getting Things Done) for the management of meetings, tasks, lists ‘To Do’ and all activities with long-term control of the progress reports, summaries, charts, and Gantt charts.The Radio Frequency Identification is a technology for automatic identification of objects, animals or people (Automatic Data Capture and identifying) based on the ability to store and remotely access this data using electronic devices (tag or transponder) that are able to respond or the information contained in them when “interrogated.” In a sense, are a system of reading “wireless” Technologies? The software for resource scheduling are developed with Open Source technologies, the architecture is:

  • Modular – They add only the features you need for your system.
  • Portable – Can run on different platforms, from stand-alone PC or network.
  • Scalable – It can easily add new functionality to your forms when your needs change.

The adoption of OSS (Open Source Software) typically leads to an initial savings in terms of costs for licenses. An economic comparison has to be correct, however, made not only on the initial charge, but between the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of open source solutions and the total cost of proprietary solutions. In addition to the cost of licenses, the costs are included in the TCO of support services, training, migration costs, installation and management.

Have also the source code of the programs used within the company allows a greater degree of security, open source software is also more apt to be customized or extended functionality as compared to proprietary software and then reused. Crucial for any business relationships with B2B is the exchange of data, from which comes the need to use open formats and standards, which ensures choice:

  • Independence – The public record and complete the format allows independence from a specific product and supplier; anyone can develop applications that run an open format.
  • Inter-operability – Using standard open formats, heterogeneous systems are able to share the same data.
  • Neutrality – The open formats do not require to use a specific product, leaving you free to choose on the basis of quality / price ratio.

In addition, text formats, open standards will be further benefit of persistence, an important feature for the protection of information assets over time in the face of technological change.

Client Server Architecture

Here are some examples of resource planning to better manage the company; the typical situation is that the warehouse or customer database managed by an Access file with related forms, macros etc. Having to extend the ability to read and write data to other people (without using the complicated mechanisms of Access), you can create simple web pages that allow any employee to operate, only the data for which you have permissions, using the browser already on his terminal. Here are some examples of resource planning and management. The management software oldest often do not provide functionality to transfer the upgrade price on the database of the e-commerce site. You can perform simple procedures that carry out this task in a totally automatic way. Any change in the price (as well as any other data relating to the articles) will be also reported on the website.

Carriers use proprietary software for the acquisition of the transport documents. To save time and reduce the possibility of errors due to manual input is essential to automatically transfer data on shipments by creating a simple application that will fetch the data from the management software in use in the company and transfer them after they have been suitably adapted to software of the carrier. The opportunity to practice with the E-commerce electronic payment system of banks is the typical situation of those who, with the growth of transactions through e-commerce on your website needs to speed up the process of order fulfillment. In this case in fact the data of an order will be registered on the server only when the payment is made. In addition to greater speed increases significantly the level of security that is perceived by the customer as a further sign of the company’s reliability. The Software Management older do not have flexible tools for automatic import of data relating to updates of the stock items or the inclusion of new ones. You may develop external procedures that they make this operation by taking the data from the catalogues in electronic format provided by the manufacturers.

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