How to Increase the Project Visibility?

Project visibility in your organization can be achieved by the use of the collaborative management software. This is a 100 % client side software that allows you to manage and schedule projects. This software has been able to replace desktop and client server technologies. The use of this management software is therefore a new generation technology that allows you to perform collaborative project management with a low total cost of ownership.

This software has been able to accelerate project delivery. It therefore offers a robust solution to projects which are either failing or those that don’t meet the business needs. It integrates process control and business management. It also allows your staff to collaborate on the management while providing real time visibility on the investment status.

Projects can now be managed across the enterprise courtesy of eRS resource allocation tool. It is therefore suitable for an enterprise that is dealing with portfolios of hundreds of projects that are distributed geographically. It has also enabled organizations to deal with projects that include external partners, offshore companies and outsources. This software solves this problem by reducing the number of budget overruns and resource schedules through the integration of management plans and process control.

The result of this will be the reduction of the costs which are usually associated with failed projects. The traditional management software’s used only to plan, schedule and report on the status. On the other hand, this collaborative software has enabled the managers to be able to use the various resource management functions which are available and a task level workflow which has leveraged best practice processes to accelerate project delivery.

Collaboration on project management has also been revolutionized by this software. It provides a platform for business collaboration among stakeholders and team members with real time visibility into project status and processes. This software encompasses tools and processes that help you to effectively conduct a high level planning for your projects. The collaborative management dashboard provides real time status views so that the stakeholders can be invited to projects that concern them.

This has reduced wastage of time to a larger extent because the managers are no longer required to create status reports and portals. An effective project management requires more than good managers; you need efficient processes. This software makes current status, health and deliverables available without the use of an extra effort. It also contains Gantt charts which enable you to measure the schedules and project progress visually.

Every time that you do a resource schedule for a project, the critical path is calculated and highlighted to provide visibility into the vital tasks of the project. All the tasks that are assigned to resources automatically appear on each user’s dashboard. As the various users update their status, the information is automatically send and rolled up through the project hierarchy. These will enable the managers and other stakeholders to see the status in real time all the time.

Furthermore, the software also facilitates management by exception. The color indicators usually indicate the project health by cost and schedule thus it has made it easier for problems to be identified. This software can either be offered as a managed service or in house solution. It is therefore very flexible to use. The use of this software has also led to the direct integration to financial and resource management. This enables you to manage all aspects of your project.

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