Gap Report – A New Screen in our Resource
Planning Software

Gap Report shows resource gaps in different units and views by comparing resource requirements and allocations for selected dates. This report highlights data in three different colors.

Red color signifies that resource requirement is more than allocation, orange color signifies that allocation is more than requirement and green color signifies that requirement is equal to allocation.

This screen has many functionalities for better analysis of data. Some of them are:

Organize By: – Data can be arranged according to different organize by options as per the needs of the user.

Project Filters: – More specific and accurate data can be extracted by using various project filters. This feature also helps to achieve quick results.

View Option: – This option provides many views in which report can be generated .i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc.

Report can be generated for every day in selected date range in ‘Daily View’.

Report can be generated for every week in selected date range in ‘Weekly view’ and so on.

Unit Option
: -Data can be viewed in different units like ‘Hours’, ‘Std. Days’ and ‘FTE’.

Graphs: – Data can be viewed in the form of graphs (line graphs, pie chart, column etc.) for the better understanding of data.

Export to Excel: – This feature helps user to export the whole data to excel sheet for better analysis. Data can also be shared with team, modified as per the requirements.

These are the some of the features that new screen provides in our resource planning software to make resource scheduling easy and exciting.

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